A lazy boy gets a painful wake up call!

Its much nicer for a young student to stay in bed and not go to college. Unfortunately Evan Ryker has been pushing his luck this way for far to long.

Now he’s been caught by Marco and sparks begin to fly, he’s not going to get away with it any longer. The best way to get through to this whipper-snapper is via his rear end.



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Evan is in for a good long spanking, both over his tight underwear and then on his well rounded bare bottom! He might find it difficult to sit in class later but its certainly a message he won’t forget in a hurry!
















By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Evan Ryker’s Day Off”
  1. This was a really good quality clip the lighting was great and the set/location was perfect for a domestic scenario… I hope Sting use more sets like this for domestic spanking. Evan isn’t my favourite model but he did a really good job in this clip and I really enjoyed the set-up Evan rising from bed yawning away and having his day start with a good bare bottom spanking what is more hot then knowing Evan will have a sore bottom throughout his whole day lol. I also liked the shots of Evan walking from the bed towards Marco in his boxer briefs. I always appreciate a front shot of the guy as he takes off his underwear to be spanked and the wonderful shots of a lad rubbing his sore bottom on the bed is really HOT!!

  2. This is a good clip and there are some excellent shots especially showing Evans semi erect cock and balls swinging as his bottom is spanked.

    This is the 2nd recent production with Evan and each time the discipline is hand spanking only. Has he had enough of the more severe methods? I hope not as unlike Luke I am a fan of Evan and think he is an excellent model who has a bottom just right for slipper, strap and cane etc.

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