Mr Volny

Its a rude awakening for senior lad Davis (Andy Easton) as he is sent to his Housemaster for continually making a noise in the dormitory after lights out.

His Housemaster also happens to be the college coach which doesn’t bode well for Davis, he’s known to deal severely with cocky senior boys. It’ll be a caning s to start with after so many warnings and a good spanking for sure. Mr Volney has tried and tested ways of dealing with naughty lads.



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If a boys doesn’t keep his bare backside well raised a ginger feague can always be used to encourage that! Davis soon feels its subtle burning effect and its well rounded red bottoms up all the way.













Mr Volny – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Mr Volny – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Mr Volny”
  1. I must concur its great to have a Sting production again and its been well worth the wait.
    Andy Easton has great bottom cheeks which seems to soak up discipline and some of his facial expressions are a treat as well.
    This I believe is Andy’s third Sting production and the others too have been just as good.

  2. a figging for Andy Easton 2nd spanking? WOW! I’m hope we can see Volney insert something else in Andy for the next Hornet video.

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