Slipper Him 4
When his guardian discovers that Steven (Finn Harper) has not been attending college the naughty lad finds he’s got himself into more than a spot of bother. This time he’s finally gone too far and will now have to face the burning consequences.

The sulky bratt is about to get exatly what he deserves


So to make sure he is well reminded of his duty to educate himself he’s going to get a little assistance, applied where it will have the most effect.



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Painful assistance at that! as this time it’s going to be a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking.





The spanking was just a warm up, now when his bottom is suitable sore, he will receive a well deserved dose of the stinging carpet slipper!

As Steven is ordered to bare his firm rounded bottom for further punishment, humiliation and regret for his actions is already setting in fast!



And his bottom will sting for hours!




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Slipper Him 4 – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

10 thoughts on “Finn Harper in “Slipper Him 4””
  1. What a treat for a dull wet Saturday morning here in the UK. Our own special one being superbly spanked and slippered.
    How fortunate we are to have Finn surrendering his truly magnificent bottom for punishment. Oh how I envy Rich for being able to deal with such a good looking and athletic boy blessed with a perfect bottom.
    The film has great shots of the spanking and slippering. Finn took it all well but some of the shots gave the distinct impression he was feeling pain in his bottom which is just made for the slipper.
    Thank you Finn and thank you Sting for the entertainment

    1. One of the great qualities of Sting is finding models with the right butt and thighs and legs that are perfect. Tender and sweet.

  2. Thanks for another great update featuring Finn.When will he get his own Sting website? He is amazing. Good to see sneakers and socks featured/ so hot/ please include in future updates .Tight underwear also appreciated 😉 Can’t wait for the next Finn update.

  3. Excellent seeing Finn return for another spanking. Loving the tight pants. Any news on whether he might do a Hornet vid?

  4. And, to follow on from a comment on another thread, seeing Finn’s cock and balls just hanging there as his perfectly round cheeks get the slipper is just wonderful.

  5. Excellent. But if he was my student, he would get the cane , and repeated over 5 days as that is all the time and money wasted.
    Perhaps a story thread for the future?

  6. Sting does a great job with a variety of models and different story lines. However definitely enjoy when Sting revisits certain scenarios and the Slipper Him series is one of them. Maybe Finn needs another reminder how the slipper feels. This was a great video with Rich (hopefully his days in front of the camera aren’t over) giving Finn a no nonsense spanking.
    Be good to see Finn again soon – maybe some short shorts in the mix too.

  7. A classic from Finn Harper and Rich. How good does Finn look in the black underwear and something special for the socks and sneakers followers too.
    Is Finn back at Sting soon?

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