Sports Report 19

The junior Sports Coach (Ryan Conway) is tired of the behavior of one of the senior boys (James Lewis) . He decides it’s high time to let him know he’s well over the red line when it comes to college rule book breaking. So many warnings means there’s now only one answer!

If red lines are crossed they can be re added elsewhere!



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And no better place than this insolent boy’s bare backside than to lay on a few news ones. Now armed with his swishy rattan cane and the lad bent right over grabbing his ankles, the rule enforcement begins.






A stinging caning followed by a good over the knee spanking should be more than enough to deal with the problem.







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By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Sport Report 19”
  1. James Lewis & Ryan Conway! This has to be purchased… Does James Lewis come under any other name in the industry?

      1. I am afraid that both actors have now moved on to other things, Elihah lives in a different country and Xander has a successful alternative career.

        Sting are not able to allow visits to the Studio, it was possible at one stage, but proved to be problematic.

  2. Sting’s list of young tops is growing more and more impressive. Although times are tough and the outlook is occasionally bleak, I’m dreaming big and looking forward to the day we can enjoy a major, full-length release that properly showcases this current roster of lads. May I suggest…Instruments of Persuasion 3?

  3. One of the things I love the most, when they take positions, is to see the hanging balls. This is truly the most professional of spanking directors.

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