A Brief display of Finn

Following various requests, here are some pictures of young Finn modelling various different coloured briefs.

(Note, these are posed images, not stills from a future release)


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Finn with Marco in “Act Your Age” (before that pants came down!)

Title 2257

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Finn in Pants”
  1. Thanks, Sting, fantastic images of Finn. Has brightened up a very wet and dingy Monday here in the U.K. I add my support for a future production featuring Finn in briefs and a bonus would be the same for Curtis Cameron.

  2. All super but perhaps next time some with the briefs just clear of those brilliant buns across his thighs.
    Thanks to all concerned.

  3. Great photos of the amazing Finn. Good choice of different briefs. A future production with Finn in briefs would be great. Thanks Sting – hopefully another Finn gallery special at some point. As an added bonus Finn also looks so good in those socks. Another Finn video soon please.

  4. Very nice photos. Finn Harper is a handsome lad, but a bit too twinkish for my taste, and his acting is often too stoic. I would love to see handsome, more athletic lads with demonstrative acting styles wearing bikini briefs and getting fierce OTK spankings – models like Luke Radley, Luke Adams, Leonardo King, Jirka Mendez, etc.

  5. Absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! The one we have definitely been waiting for, and, boy! has it been worth the wait!!!!!!!

    Great choice of briefs for young Finn to model – especially the black pair, my third all-time favourite colour for spankingwear, and the red pair, possibly my fourth favourite spankingwear colour! And only Finn could make a pair of white briefs look so spankable!

    I LOVE the touch of the slipper lying there between the lad’s very smackable legs, as if it had been left there after or indeed in preparation for the spanking Finn is so much asking for in those briefs! I would add my voice to those others in saying that, having taken the first step in giving us this super little gallery, Sting will go on and make a video of Finn being spanked in a pair of briefs – seeing him laid over the knee in coloured briefs and spanked with that slipper that we have seen other boys smacked good and hard with seriously would be the cat’s ass!!! Please, PLEASE, Sting, think about it!

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