Foul Play (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview

The two boys nurse their already very sore caned bottoms.

However, if they think their punishment is over, they are very wrong!

As these boys are a pair of the cheekiest lads in college they’ll both get a good Spanking over their still burning cane stripes!

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(#!#) (#!#)


All for good measure of course but also the Spanking will remind them that there are always painful consequences waiting for foolish wrong doers such as them.








Sitting down will not be easy for these two for quite some time!


The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube




Foul Play – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Foul Play – in Standard Definition


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2 comments on “Foul Play (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview

  1. Very good production. Another two good boys.

    Fast becoming a fan of Axel – good looking, boyish and lovely smooth bottom. More please.


  2. I agree with Mike, Axel is a great model. I think he shows a lot of promise he certainly ticks all the boxes for me and I think his best is yet to come as with all new model’s his future at Sting looks bright I hope he sticks around.

    This clip however is very much fun both lads got a good spanking I thought it was very fitting to have Axel watch George partway as he was spanked OTK it can be fun at times especially as the other guy/Axel knows he is up next for the same treatment. I love seeing Axel’s facial expressions as he is spanked they’re so hot. A nice little clip with 2 varied models.

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