Foul Play

You have to keep a careful watch on things if you are to keep discipline maintained in a college of which Mr Sharpe is the Housemaster. Give them an inch, is the old saying and its never more true in the case of two young friends, both members of Mr Sharpe’s house. These boys will take advantage like no others if given the chance.

The local dealer also likes to take advantage and seeks out his clients in the best place to do business, today its the playing fields. For the two boys (Axel Green and new StingLad Gary Barclay) this is the day their luck runs out.

The whole deal is viewed by Mr Sharpe, a keen twitcher who also uses his powerful binoculars to see who’s up to what.

As soon as the two naughty boys see the look on Mr Sharpe’s face, they know they are in trouble!!


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Trading in illicit substances is definitely not on and will warrant a good caning, shorts up

..and down!!






By Bruce

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