Sports Report 9

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The young fitness trainer in the gym, Tony (Luke Adams) is owed some money. The borrower has failed to pay it back and has not even tried. Tony is furious and throws his company phone against a wall in a fit of temper. Unfortunately its just as his boss walks in with the centre manager. Tired of Tony’s uncontrolled behaviour he threatens to ban him!


Tony wants to avoid losing his job so agrees to be punished by the centre manager Ron Sharpe (Marco)



As a fit young guy he knows its not just going to be a telling off but almost certainly a spanking, bare bottom and over the managers knee. Its the way he likes to deal with this sort of thing, senior boy or not!



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Tony knows a Good Spanking is not going to be the end of it

Next Mr Sharpe’s old leather strap will come in to play too, this little demon can really scorch an already spanked muscular backside, red hot!






in Part 2 two Tony takes it out on his lazy assistant.

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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Gym Spanking in “Sports Report 9” (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. A few things that I liked about this video was I loved how Luke threw his shorts with attitude when Marco asked him to take them completely off (I’m not sure if that was intentional but I thought it really worked well) I love the second pair of shorts that Luke was wearing in part 2 I love tight fitting shorts etc on hot guys. I think next time Luke needs to get it harder, did Johan really spank harder than the King Marco?.. because Luke made more fuss getting spanked by Johan in Angry Dad’s “around the block” maybe he was playing along. 🙂

    Ps. How dare Luke smash up a phone, those things are not cheap nowadays, he will be owing more than £50 for doing that if he didn’t take his bare bottom smacking!

    – Luke

  2. Oh yes, I completely forgot to mention about the English accent and acting, I really miss English actors but I understand that it’s not a situation that can be changed. The dialogue and the everything flows so much better so it’s a tree when we get to see English actors. Plus I like Luke accept as well spoken but not to posh lol.

  3. I’ve got to say I think that Part 2 is my favourite bi of the videot. Young Bastian is quite a find – handsome, pert and with the most beautifully rounded bottom! He just so incredibly spankable when bending over Luke’s knee, in all three stages of dress (or undress, depending on how you look at these things!). Luke has a wonderfully stern face and knows what he’s doing when laying on a punishment – that much is evident from Bastian’s facial expressions as he receives the spanking he deserves, gasping and eyes narrowed from the pain that is burning its way across his cheeky little bottom!

    What made this video for me, though, was actually the sight of Luke in those short shorts. Of all the items of clothing in the Sting wardrobe for the lads to wear, those blue shorts take the gold medal as the most spankable item of spanking kit. We have seen them worn over some incredibly pert bottoms and those speed vents topping off some fantastically juicy thighs! Somehow, the bigger the boy and the more muscular his bottom and hips, the more ripe for discipline he looks and young Luke is very much towards that end of the spankableness scale! He just looks AMAZING in them! And that singlet is the perfect complement for them! I really, really, REALLY want to see Luke laid over the knee and spanked in those short shorts, preferably with a pair of coloured briefs on underneath them – navy-blue or black ones would just be a phenomenal completion to this ensemble! Is there any chance it could be arranged?

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