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Sports Report 9


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There is another lad who works at the gym as an assistant to Tony (New StingLad Bastian Karim) He’s prone to get lazy and if not kept an eye on will take any advantage to avoid working. After Tony’s punishment he’s really on the look out for lads like his assistant who aren’t doing their jobs properly. He finds his assistant snoozing yet again when he should be cleaning up before the next session. Taking a leaf out of the managers book he decides to give the boy a good spanking too!


The boys bulging rounded bottom in shorts starts to feel the stinging slap of Tony’s hand! Very soon its his raised and reddened bare bottom that’s taking the rest of it.



Tony is pretty pissed off at having been spanked himself and is relishing getting his own back on his young assistants now burning rump.



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Afterwards this boy will clean up the gym and naked too but behind him will be Tony, flexing a painful looking leather belt, urging him on this time to do it properly!





WHACK!! – The End!


Bastian Karim as Tony’s unlucky assistant




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Title 2257

By Bruce

7 thoughts on “More Gym Spanking “Sports Report 9” (Part 2 of 2) – with preview video”
  1. I find the scenario of the assistant cleaning up while being supervised with a belt TOTALLY AWSOME !!!!! Even more so when the spankee is hot. Luke has a super butt and very sexy legs and wearing those tight short shorts while he swings that belt is for me SERIOUSLY EROTIC ! I would LOVE to see more of this type of scene in Sting videos where the spankee is working indoors or outdoors while being watched over by a really hot spanker….and I can certainly think of few actors that would be thrilling as the spanker (oh JOEY pls won’t you wallop some butt while you show of your magnificent physique ) and many as the spankee or spankees

  2. I’ve got to say I think that Part 2 is my favourite biT of the video. Young Bastian is quite a find – handsome, pert and with the most beautifully rounded bottom! He IS just so incredibly spankable when bending over Luke’s knee, in all three stages of dress (or undress, depending on how you look at these things!). Luke has a wonderfully stern face and knows what he’s doing when laying on a punishment – that much is evident from Bastian’s facial expressions as he receives the spanking he deserves, gasping and eyes narrowed from the pain that is burning its way across his cheeky little bottom!

    What made this video for me, though, was actually the sight of Luke in those short shorts. Of all the items of clothing in the Sting wardrobe for the lads to wear, those blue shorts take the gold medal as the most spankable item of spanking kit. We have seen them worn over some incredibly pert bottoms and those speed vents topping off some fantastically juicy thighs! Somehow, the bigger the boy and the more muscular his bottom and hips, the more ripe for discipline he looks and young Luke is very much towards that end of the spankableness scale! He just looks AMAZING in them! And that singlet is the perfect complement for them! I really, really, REALLY want to see Luke laid over the knee and spanked in those short shorts, preferably with a good brief pair of coloured briefs on underneath them – navy-blue or black ones would just be a phenomenal completion to this ensemble! Is there any chance it could be arranged?

  3. I do so agree with all of Jonathan’s sentiments too! I think that another strong candidate for this type of scenario would be Robin Palmer – in those same short shorts and perhaps even sporting the dark-blue Tommy Hilfiger boxer-briefs that we have seen him wearing for a smacked bottom in two other video clips. Bastian himself would alsoL ook fabulous in those shorts with a bum like his!

  4. I would like to see Robin in those tight blue shorts or a pair of tight fitting shorts something that leaves nothing to the imagination. 😊

    1. I like tight shorts too, and love the ones Luke Adams wears in this! However, as you guys have mentioned everyone’s favorite brat Robin, I would like to see Robin bare bottom (as he always should be) perched face down over the knee of some big guy. like Luke Ward, with his bare feet dangling off the ground or kicking behind him, while he receives a good hard 10 minute hand spanking, followed by a dose of the slipper.

      Phew!! after just thinking about that, I need to go and lie down!!

  5. I agree with jonathan’s remarks about the theme of the spankee having to work–as discipline or punishment–while being closely supervised and subjected to the lash for poor performance on the job. This theme can easily be integrated into future stories.

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