Handy Man

When an apprentice painter and decorator (Pavel Novy) is asked to re paint the Deputy Headmasters Office he cheekily goes through the desk drawers to see what he can find. This is not a god idea as the deputy Head (James Holt) could walk in at any moment, which of course he does!

This is not the best place to get caught in such an act as the apprentice is about to find out. He might not be a college boy any more but to get out of this mess the clock will be turned back a bit. He can still remember the best days of his life so is not surprised to learn he will be getting the cane for his offense.


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Caned on the bare bottom then taken over the Master’s knee and given a good long spanking! This will be at least as hard, if not harder, than any senior lad might get too!








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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Handy Man”
  1. Oh, happy day! Pavel has returned to Sting and, for this brief and glorious moment, everything’s right with the world.

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