Two In Trouble

Part 2

The punishment continues, and Peter isn’t going to get away with it either and will experience his first ever spanking on his bare bottom, also now in front of Jerry.



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However that’s not an end to it quite yet. Marco is a good mate of Jerry’s step dad, so its not long before the cheeky Jerry finds himself back over the knee




Bare bottom well raised, for another sore bottom session for upsetting Marco. Its just not his day at all!




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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Two in Trouble (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. I’m not normally one to complain, especially when we’ve got such a smashing and thoroughly smackable new lad joining Sting! What a bottom to smack, eh?! However, I do wonder why Sting is the only studio that doesn’t provide a video preview straightaway along with the stills and makes us wait several days for it? I do like to see the preview before I buy the video, because, just occasionally – and I do mean very rarely indeed – the preview hasn’t been quite up to the expectations the stills gave me. Usually it’s because the preview has shown that a boy is wearing white underpants and the stills haven’t made that clear. In that case, I prefer not to go for the whole film, since white briefs really are not my thing. I know that’s a particular prejudice, but I’m sure all we spankers have them. Just wondering, that’s all. What happens at the moment feels a little bit like if I were to lay a boy over my knee – just lay him over it, then tell him to get up and go home and come back in three days time to actually get smacked. I’m sure Sting have their reasons, but I’d really be interested to know what they are. It is a bit disappointing to keep logging on to ‘Feel the sting’ and see, after three days, still no video preview. Sorry to grumble – I hope no offence is taken?

  2. Hi Dr van Spanking

    Sorry for the delay with the trailer, it will be coming shortly. Usually the trailers are posted the following day after the pictures and storyline however, this was an exceptionally busy week with a lot going on and other things being done that may eventually make some improvements in what Sting do.

    We are aware of your liking for coloured pants, however, in future, some retro films may have white underwear from time to time, some people do actually have a fetish for it and write in requesting them. They are also more realistic in a period setting.

    In modern settings you will still see many more multicoloured undies!!


  3. I’m glad no offence was taken, and I want everyone at Sting to know that I will always be a massive fan. I should make more allowance for the fact that other people are busy too. I think it’s amazing the way you’ve kept things going during this awful Covid-19 situation which has brought so much else to a halt.

    I’ve always realised that white underpants are more authentic in retro settings and I also appreciate that they are an important part of some guys’ spanking interest. I guess that some of them won’t feel as I do about coloured underpants, which are all tied up with my own history of spanking and corporal punishment. It means, too, that you have something for everybody, which is not a noticeable feature of every spanking film studio whose work I’m familiar with. I really hope I implied no criticism of Sting – it is more to do with my personal tastes. I’m sure that is true of all Sting fans – it’s those differences that make spanking such a fascinating subject! Vive la difference!

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