Harper Downunder

One senior student Coleman (Finn Harper) is sitting waiting to be called in to the Headmasters study. A porn magazine has been found in his locker, which although slightly embarrassing, is also against the college rules. He can’t explain it away and knows he must except the punishment that will follow! This way its done, dealt with and over.

The Headmaster (Marco) will be reaching for his slipper which almost certainly, in the end, will be delivering its stinging rubber sole directly on to Colman’s bare bottom.


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After this well it wouldn’t be a visits to the Head’s study without this cocky senior going over his knee to properly finish the job!








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By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Harper Downunder”
  1. This clip just shows what a fantastic find young Finn is! I reckon he could easily become a big favourite with me!

    Great pair of underpants for corporal punishment! Royal blue is my all-time favourite colour for spankingwear! Good to see that Finn follows the trend of his age-group and wears coloured underpants – and good, short boxer-briefs! If he has any white knix in his pants-drawer, I trust he’ll leave them there!

    Looking forward to seeing a lot more of this delightfully impish young scallywag and his cheeky, uberspankable bottom!

  2. Finn is a stunning model and I hope we see lots more of him. He nicely fills those shorts and he seems to invite a good slippering.
    I love the way he stoically and quietly takes his whacks and his facial expressions tell it all.
    I hope he has a long career with Sting (and Hornet).

  3. I must echo the comment’s of the good doctor and spartan, a truly magnificent film and a delight to see the good old slipper back in action.
    Finn to me is the perfect sting model – a lovely shaped and nearly smooth bottom, strong thighs and looks the part of a sixth form boy – i know he is 18plus.
    Also nice to see a boy properly disciplined. He clearly felt the slipper towards the end of this part of the punishment and towards the end of his spanking his eyes looked as if the pain was really telling.
    Thank you so much young Finn and all at Sting for this 10 out 10 production.

  4. Great movie! Finn continues to be as expressive as he was in his first outing & looks great in those tight shorts. Always love seeing these dropped to half-mast, as, for me, this really emphasises attention on the backside, & Finn has a great one to emphasise! There were lots of other lovely little touches here, from Finn sitting nervously outside, to Marco being almost understanding (for Marco) about the young man’s offence. It was nice to see the offence being of a relatively light nature for which the slipper seemed an appropriate instrument, even if applied to great effect. It was also amusing to see young Finn forgetting about his punishment immediately afterwards & grinning in delight as he admired his returned property, after it was all over. Great effort all round & I look forward to many more contributions from young Finn in the future, though may I ask if an encounter with the cane is in his near future? Not that I would want to scare him off by rushing him into anything too heavy too soon.

  5. Heartily endorse all the comments made already! Like others, I can’t wait to see how Finn takes other implements – especially the cane, and the birch! His facial expressions are a delight!

  6. It would also be interesting to see him coping with sitting down afterwards – they did this previously with Robyn Palmer & Luke Adams – preferably bare ass on one of these ‘ghost’ chairs – though the latter would probably only belong on the Only Fans page.

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