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Home & Away

Two short stories about naughty lads pushing their luck too far.



The first concerns one boy who is caught vandalising a locker in the sports hall (Ariel Varga)


Caught by the young coach (New Sting top Dorian Easton) he is quickly brought to book for his actions and punished there and then. The coach takes him up over his knee and delivers a firm spanking from his muscular right arm!



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Making sure the boy doesn’t forget the incident too quickly, he then lays on a well deserved dose of the leather strap. The boys bare bottom is scorching now and it’ll be a constant reminder to behave in future, for several hours to come!





In the second scene another bad lad goes over the knee


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Sting Pictures

Title 2257

By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Home & Away (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Dorian Easton is a very exciting addition to the STING CAST. He is delightfully sensous and brooding. Divine hard bronzed body and a stern yet luscious good looks make him a thrill for those that love hot spankers. Would love to see him using a cane or switch

  2. Dorian is really a very nice and exciting spanker !!
    I should like to see him in next videos, dressed as possible in cut shorts showing his well muscled tights…

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