The latest Hornet release is Reformatory Boys Drilled into Discipline


Banged up inside the pent up energy of young reformatory boys often
spills over! In the case of Haig (Kurt Maddox) and Martinez (Brandon
Junior) a fight between the two had broken out.

Sent by the Warden to be
dealt with by their senior officer (Johan Volny) the two lads know
they’ll pay the price for stepping out of line!

Whilst Haig faces the wall the officer get to work in straightening
out Martinez. His smooth little round butt starts to turn a fiery red as
the officers stinging palm smacks down. Soon however its Haig that gets
ordered over to join the action.

Now officer Volny is making sure it’s a
real pleasure to discipline these lads and they in turn are learning to
serve their master. Time to swap around now and its Haig who feels the
scorching sting whilst his young cohort obediently pleasures Mr Volny
some more. If these lads want to play hard then hard it will be.

With the spanking just a precursor the holed reformatory paddle
brought out. Now its Martinez on the receiving end as old hickory woody
cracks home! The young officer is now very much on form and in fact its
both boys who are on the receiving end. Haig has got wood banging in and
Martinez butt is a glowing red raw too from the paddle.

All this hard
disciplinary effort is heading for a climax! The muscular officer is
sweating now and all three are groaning and yelping from the hot
transfer of pain to pleasure! These lad really are being drilled into

Warning:  Hornet movies feature equal levels of sex and Spanking

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Reformatory Boys Drilled into Discipline in 1080p Extra High Definition

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