House Of Correction Revisited

In the austere Houses of Correction at the turn of the century discipline was rigorously maintained. For misconduct even senior lads could find themselves across an officers knee, better that though than getting reported to the governor!


However, 24975 Macalister (James Holt) was slow to learn his lesson and was soon ordered to be officially flogged. The governors patients had worn out and the whip was always waiting! This oiled leather instrument brought down with vigour on to a young man bare bottom soon gets him to pay attention.



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The spanking after would make sure he never forgot rules were there to be obeyed!








In part 2 a second young miscreant (Robin Palmer) receives his punishment




House of Correction Revisited – in 1080p Extra High Definition


House of Correction Revisited – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257


By Bruce

One thought on “House of Correction Revisited (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. A very enjoyable clip with the lovely Robin I’m so happy to see he is back at Sting he looks great and takes a good amount of punishment upon his return. I just love him across Marco’s knee the relentless intensity and the way Robin and Marco twine is so sexy but we’d expect nothing less from Sting’s top models. The close-up shots of Robin’s face after his punishment is over are everything I absolutely love the facial expressions no one could portray such a bad attitude like Robin can I think it comes natural to him actually but regardless it’s very hot and makes him seem ever deserving of his punishment. I also like that James Holt has very good OTK posture he keeps his legs spread apart so we always get a good view!! 😁

    I did get an idea while watching this it would be very hot if Robin was spanked at school with an implement of some kind by a teacher let’s say Rich or Rob playing the teacher and then Robin would get a good long OTK spanking from his Dad/Stepdad who’d be played by Marco at home. All while Robin protest his innocence and the fact he’s already been punished and shows dad his already sore bottom but no nonsense Marco doesn’t think a good spanking at school is enough no son of Marco’s over steps the “mark”…OH NO!! Haha!!

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