Just Darren

Continuing the images from the 29 Male Spanking videos which the incredible Darren made with Sting

At 4 hours 20 minutes Sting’s longest Spanking Compilation to date





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By Bruce

One thought on ““Just Darren” Sting Lad Spanking Compilation (Part 2 of 3)”
  1. This complation is worth more than one comment so I wanted to talk about my favourite scene which is from “Oh Brother’s – The Movie” and can be found around 1:09:00 during this complation. Darren getting spanked by my favourite spanker Dexter in a “semi domestic” setting on the bed was hot as hell even until now this still remains one of my favourite scenes with Darren and definitely a stand out for me. The way Darren was laid across Dexter’s knees/lap on the bed in his socks is nothing but sheer bliss aesthetically golden. The actual spanking sees Darren who isn’t normally very expressive be quite expressive I loved how he put his hand on his bottom to express his pain/discomfort during his punishment very very hot and I loved his facial reactions and grunt’s throughout. Dexter’s relentless approach with the belt after the OTK where he was just striking down on Darren’s perfect bottom even with a rage of “Rapid Fire” for a moment and although I’m not normally into implements it followed the OTK wondefully. So definitely a stand out and long-term favourite scene of mine. There is also a lot of other scenes I liked particularly with Darren getting spanked by Marco “The Governor 4”, “The Industrial School 2” and of course the gingering OTK in “The Making of a Gentleman”

    Beautiful photos of this scene…



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