Housemaster’s Study – Episode Two

Back at St Morsus Academy Housemaster Mr Gordon Sharpe has popped out for the afternoon. A couple of students have already noticed his old Morris Minor is not standing in its usual spot in the car park. This is the perfect time to make some unofficial phone calls!
Johnny Murray (Paul Wolfe) and Tim Kidson (Adam Black) both sixth formers have sneaked in to the Housemasters study and are busy making a phone call.



Unfortunately for them their Housemaster (Marco) has forgotten a book he intended to take with him and returns. He open his study door to find both boys using his phone, caught red handed!
Their carpe diem moment is of course going to end with punishment. The quarterly phone bills have been higher than expected and perhaps now the reason why has been found. It goes without saying that for this a good spanking is the best place to start.






boys are taken high over the knee. The first stinging slaps are given
over their crisp white underwear which are then swiftly pulled down
to expose their rounded bare bottoms.


Now back over Mr Sharpe’s knee the lads receive a scorcher of a spanking, their well reddened backsides raised high. 


Now back over Mr Sharpe’s knee the lads receive a scorcher of a spanking, their well reddened backsides raised high. 

The boys can only yelp and take it it hoping that this will be an end to it but no such luck their Housemaster has other plans. He wants to make sure they both firmly realise his study is not a public phone box and strictly out of bounds.
Now young Murray is kneeling in the old red leather char with Kidson bent over beside him. Mr Sharpe has he well used white gym slipper in hand. The boys bare bottoms are already burning but now he intends to set them on fire! India rubber applied with vigour is the best way to do this. 






The crack of the slipper echo’s round the study wall making sure these two young scallywags get their comeuppance.






Their firm little backslides are  really burning now so it with dread that they notice the Housemaster is swapping the slipper for his whippy rattan cane. Over a spanking
and a dose of the slipper this biting little demon is going to sting like hell.
Its not possible to reverse the charge now the only lines that matter with be the red raw impressions left by the cane on their burning bare bottoms. 

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