Kiwi College 5

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It takes a while for troublesome sixth formers to realise they have to knuckle down for final exams. The future is important but playing
rugby and making mayhem seem much more enjoyable alternatives. The Headmaster of course has other ideas and is keeping a close check on his aspiring seniors.




Knocking on the Heads study door is Jody Greenwood (Leonardo King) this senior has been misbehaving in class and not studying hard for his exams. 


He’ll get a regulation caning for this and as a warning told that his Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) will deal with him more firmly next time should he continue with his disrupting of the class.


Next to visit the Heads study is Patrick Kelly (Karl Frazer) a sixth former who has been given yet another bad monthly report. 



He too needs a lesson and out comes the whippy rattan again to deliver its biting sting. Bent over and across tight grey shorts this caning, a message to behave, is just the start. At the end Kelly is ordered to report to the gym later.






In the gym the Head takes off his jacket to prepare to deliver a good backside scorching spanking to this idle senior. As he goes over the knee young Kelly knows his bare bottom is going to be burned. He’s a fit lad, keen on sports and has started to develop a strong body, his bare bottom, rounded and raised, makes the perfect target! 








Next he is ordered to bend over the end of the leather pommel horse. A good strapping is in order to follow the spanking and is laid on with vigour. The painful fiery lick of this well used leather devil rings round the gym store.












The warning given to Jody Greenwood hadn’t sunk in and he finds himself back before Mr Sharpe. A very bad move as this Housemaster is known to be not the most tolerant of men! The
boy needs teaching a lesson and so it will be. Firstly, after stripping naked, Greenwood gets a good hard spanking.


This lad is a valued member of the Rugby team and to say the least has a chiselled body. His bare bottom is firm and rounded, but he hates to get spanked especially on the bare bottom!









If the spanking is not bad enough the caning to follow is even more testing. Mr Sharpes thin whippy rattan cane really hits the mark and leave them as well.






An exemplary thrashing is laid on as a warning to others given in two different positions that leave young Jody striped and yelping!







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6 comments on “Kiwi College 5

  1. Even when he’s fully dressed, leonardo king is for me is the epitomy of masculine allure. He has an understated fire that really captures me and puts me in a lusty trance. Would really loooove to see him stepping out of a pool in a wet speedo, or just see him wet, or just see him period. I could never get enough of this DELICIOUS male creature!

  2. For me this is still one of the hottest videos ever made !!!!! Both Leo and Karl send my adrenaline into top gear !!!!!!

  3. Thank you HRH . Sting does have some divine guys to dream about , and for me raw sex appeal can be quite elusive in the sense that the most beautiful perfect looking guys are not necesarily the sexiest . Karl is my latest kink and he really has me floating . He is just SOOOO cute !

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