Jamie – A Boy in Trouble


Jamie Warrinton (new model Jamie Tyler) is in trouble and has been summoned
to the Headmasters office again after failing to keep his promise of
behaving himself. He managed to bring Mrs. Hill to tears and the
Headmaster has had enough and decides to give him a good dose of
 Blazer off he is lifted on to the Headmaster knee and the
spanking commences on the seat of his shorts….



but soon decides that Jamie needs spanking on his bare bottom.




The spanking continues only now Jamie is really starting to feel how
effective good discipline can be as his bare bottom starts to heat up
with each crack of the Headmasters meets his already painful butt!


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Still not happy the Headmaster decides that to make sure that he does not
upset Mrs Hill again he stands Jamie up and bends him over and
retrieves his trust belt from the locker. 



The first crack awakens Jamie’s nerve endings even further and each next
hit is a perfect lesson for him to learn as his butt gets hotter and
hotter. With the punishment finished Jamie is told to get dressed and
return to class and behave and to stop being a boy in trouble!






For Reasons of privacy, Jamie has asked that we do not show his face on
the blog, but he can be seen at the Sting Website and in the video. 




By Bruce

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