Magazine Misery was a “Sting Raw” production released in November 2011 – with new Sting twink model Jason Shaw as Jamesin his debut short story.



Bobs stash of Porn mags in not to be touched! However while he is at work young James decides to seize the opportunity for a bit of fun. Taking the magazines to his bedroom he is soon aroused by the salacious content. Unfortunately Bob arrives back early from work and catches him right at the wrong moment. Annoyed that James has seen fit to go in to his room uninvited and what’s more take his collection of porn for his own use, he decides to teach him a lesson. 


Like lightning Jason is dragged across Bob’s knee and a first time spanking is given. This really is the first time as James has not ever experienced discipline like this before. The boy bucks and twists as the smacks rain down. That’s not the only thing going down either as his ardour soon begins to cool as well! 





Bob is still annoyed and leaves the room only to return with his heavy old brown leather belt, Now James is on his knees and sobbing as a good belting is laid on to his already sore bare bottom! Like tongues of fire the belt falls time after times till young Jason is in tears







James’s lily white bottom now testament to Bob’s wrath. For young Jason this really is Magazine Misery.
18 year old Jason Shaw has now appeared in a number of Sting Movies such as Banged Up – My Borstal Days 3 and Approved Education 3



By Bruce

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  1. This was one of my favourite Sting videos, and one I watch frequently. Good story line and great action – Jason is the ideal model for this sort of scenario!

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