Scroll down for the trailer to the new Sting Download Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 5) Cheats and Cheers starring new sting actor Kai Alexander together with Jimmy Evans and Luke Desmond, plus a gym slipper wielding Dexter.

Alternatively, the trailer can be downloaded to your desk top by clicking on one of the following links


(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen – See illustration below)

The full download is available from Sting Pictures at the following link:

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Video trailer for “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study (Episode 5) Cheats and Cheers””
  1. I am afraide that Kai, Jimmy & Luke are too skinny and “boyish” for my taste. I would much rather see a handsome, muscular, slightly more mature-looking young guy like Dexter, Sebastian, Luke Radley, Aslan Brutti, etc. getting spanked.

  2. Really nice trailer, with three very cute bottoms (in both senses) I am really tempted to buy this clip when I get paid.

    Has Sting stopped doing medical scenes? The last one was Doctor Doctor with Damien Drake. It is so hot to see a boy get a needle in the butt and then get spanked.

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