Just Darren

Just Darren is Sting’s biggest Sting Lad Spanking Compilation to date. At whopping 4 hours and 20 minutes in length, Just Darren features all of the handsome and very spankable Darren’s many appearances in Sting Downloads

The full length Download is available for only $39:95 (less than $9.00 an hour)

Because of the size of Just Darren the accompanying photos will be posted in three parts, Staring with Darren the early years featuring photos from some of Darren’s earlier appearances.





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By Bruce

16 thoughts on ““Just Darren” Sting Lad Spanking Compilation (Part 1 of 3)”
  1. Darren is undoubtedly my favourite Sting model of all time he defiantly had the full package along with my full attention when it came to spanking I was in awe of his amazing bottom and his good looks. There isn’t any other model who’s bottom looked so amazing in every clip Darren defiantly set the bar very high for Sting and when I think “spanking” I always think Darren! He was number one for me and seeing him OTK was one of the best views ever!! I hoped that we’d see him in every update but sadly models move on and grow up however this compilation is all that magic that Darren created with Sting in one clip over 4hrs of DARREN EUPHORIA! So much variety and many great clips piled into one bundle of pure tastefulness. A real salute I would say to a fantastic long appearing model that is “Just Darren”

    Ps. There is an early clip in this which featured Darren getting spanked with ginger up his bottom which has been done a few times at Sting with various models but this is unique in a way that it happened while Darren was OTK. I presume this isn’t always easy to achieve ginger can fall out if it isn’t placed or shaped precisely but I’d love Sting to recreate this original idea again in the future. It’s very effective not only do you have the pain of being spanked but you start the spanking already in discomfort from the ginger.

    1. Great comment Luke.

      The gingering before an OTK spanking scene was from “The Making of a Gentleman”, Sting have done that once before, with Matt Mills in “Instruments of persuasion 2”.

  2. Darren …so beautiful so sexy and on top of it all to really drive me mad I noticed on many an occassion him being semi or fully aroused..now that for me is glorious icing on the cake. A handsome face with gorgeous erotic mischevious eyes, sensuous body with a butt to kill for and being spanked in an arroused state…well what more could anyone ask for?

  3. Bruce, Darren made a huge number of Sting videos. Some of them I already own, some I don’t. Can you give us a list of all of Darren’s videos that are represented in this anthology?

  4. Hi Rasputin
    The Just Darren Compilation includes all scenes featuring Darren from the following releases:
    Discipline Download Under (his first film)
    Discipline Down Under 3
    Sports Report 2
    Sports Report 8
    Army Cadets 4
    No Stars Just Stripes 4
    Mr Royce PT Master
    Approved Education 3
    Approved Education 6
    Approved Education 14
    Sixth formers Something To wine About
    Sixth formers The New Term
    See No Evil
    Troopers in Trouble
    T.S Morsus Before The Mast
    The Making Of a Gentleman
    The Brothers
    The Borstal Pt5
    Industrial School Pt2
    Return To The Punishment Room
    Kiwi College 2
    The Governors Choice 3
    The Governors Choice 4
    Sting Raw (Darren) 1900
    Banged Up My Borstal Days 2
    Smoking Stings
    Oh Brother
    Nowhere To Run Army Discipline

    Snipets from most of these appear in the trailer


    1. Darren is Czech, I understand his originates from the South Moravian region of the Czech Republic. So, he’s a rosy cheeked country boy.

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