Keep the Noise Down was first released in March 2020, but it was originally only available via Clips4Sale. However, if you were previously not able to purchase it through Clips4Sale, it has now become available through the main Sting Website.

Keep the Noise Down

Despite their supposed maturity, it’s often senior lads who are the troublemakers. They think because it’s their last year at college they can do as they like. This new boldness manifesting itself, even at the tender age of eighteen or nineteen, can still get them in to big trouble.

The Housemaster of course is having none of it, if they want to act in a foolish manner then they will still be treated the same as all the others.

Knocking on the Housemaster’s study door is drop-dead handsome Clarkson (Jerry Bosak) he is one of these cocky seniors and will soon be getting what he deserves from his Housemaster, the no nonsense Mr Sharpe (Marco)

Clarkson knows he is in trouble, but he has no idea what he’s in for. Not only is Mr Sharp already in a bad mood, but he is especially displeased with this lad, due to prior similar incidents.

This strapping boy is going over the knee for a very sound spanking, something he may not want to brag about back in the senior dorm!

He can kick and he can struggle, but he is not going to escape without a very red and very sore bottom.

Clarkson will have a long uncomfortable night, lying on his stomach, kept awake by his burning backside.

Jerry Bosak Plays Clarkson

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By Bruce

5 thoughts on ““Keep The Noise Down” – Now available from”
  1. Your are correct, Sam! I bought this video a few years ago. Jerry Bosak is a good-looking, athletic lad who can be counted on to give a good, demonstrative performance., and this is one of his best.
    Bruce – is Jerry Bosak still available for new Sting video?

    1. Jerry has moved on to a very successful career in the world of exercise and physical fitness. He has an open invitation to return to Sting whenever he wishes to. However, as time moves on, it becomes less likely he will take up the offer. We can but hope.

        1. Cześć Szymon. Większość naszych aktorów to profesjonalne modelki pracujące w Czechach, gdzie kręcone są wszystkie zdjęcia. Jeśli chcesz, aby zaproponowano Ci rolę w jednym z naszych filmów, prześlij swoje aktualne zdjęcie e-mailem na adres, a ktoś Ci odpowie.
          (Hello. Most of our actors are professional models working in the Czech Republic, where all the filming is done. If you wish to be considered for a role in one of our films, please email a recent photograph of yourself to and someone will respond to you.)

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