What Was He Finnking?

Just what was Finn (Finn Harper) thinking, after all the lessons he should have learnt in the past, he puts down his tools and playing games on his phone instead of doing his job?

One thing is sure, when the foreman arrives and catches handsome him, Finn very quickly regrets his foolishness.

One consistent aspect in Finn’s life, is his unfailing bad luck, and by pure coincidence there just so happens to be a hard heavy clothes brush to hand. Naturally this fearsome implement is quickly put to use on his backside.


Initially the brush is applied to the seat of his pants, however, it’s not long before it is used on his tender bare bottom. With each crack the relentless brush becomes more and more painful, the effect of which on Finn is very clear to see.

Then, in order to ensure that Finn really remembers this lesson, it is over the knee for a good hard hand spanking on top of his already aching bottom. Perhaps this will make sure he sticks to working and leaving his phone at hom

He certainly won’t be sitting down on the job for some time, at least not comfortably!!.



What Was He Finnking? – in 1080p Extra High Definition

What Was He Finnking? – in Standard Definition

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Title 2257

By Bruce

7 thoughts on “What Was He Finnking?”
  1. Finn Harper has apparently decided that if he has only life to live, he should live it as a blonde! LOL. That is an old hair dye commercial jingle from the 1960s.
    Seriously, Finn looked very handsome in his ash-blonde hair, tight grey briefs and white tank-top shirt. In addition to his usual grimacing, he also gave a performance that was more demonstrative than usual. If his tank-top had been tighter, his briefs had been tighter and skimpier, and his reaction to his spanking had been even more demonstrative, this would have been a truly great video.
    Still, this video was a step in the right direction. I enjoyed it.

  2. Just the cat’s ass to see young Finn being smacked in briefs! I think it’s a first for him?
    I love the new hairstyle! It gives the boy a really chavvy look – begging for a spanking even before he has to bend over for punishment!

  3. I’m just thinking – first of all young James Lewis spanked twice wearing briefs and now Finn. I’m hoping this is the start of what would be a very welcome trend! Briefs definitely have the edge when it comes to punishment underpants!

  4. Thank you so much for putting Finn in briefs! I’ve been waiting to see one of the newer lads in pants like that. I’d love to see Finn, or another of the newer lads, in a school uniform scenario with that kind of underwear. One of the newer lads getting caught in basic slips/pants adds to the humiliation. We saw Austin Cook in briefs once in ‘Slipper Him 8’, and it was such a rare treat.
    Thanks again for treating us to Finn in a pair of pants. Well done Sting 🙂

  5. Finn back at Sting and looking smoking hot. Always plays his role to the max and all his videos are a real event. Would like to see Finn featured in more briefs and maybe some speedos as others have commented. The photos of Finn in his briefs and the shot of Finn pulling up his shorts at the end were very hot. Last photo also a winner. Finn always steps up for the team – can we just see more of him, more photos more updates more Finn!

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