The chemistry worked so well in their last film together that Sting put exclusive models Nathan Russell and Richard Hicks together again. They are friends in real life so it seemed appropriate at the time of casting.

They both play students in a new Kiwi college episode. Nathan, a bit of a bully, forcing Richard, always the cheeky one, to steal money from the Housemaster’s cash tin. This dastardly deed will mean brazenly entering his study to carry out the crime, during which they are caught by the returning Housemaster.

There is always a price to pay for such skulduggery and these boys are no exception but even during punishment, for them a scorching bare bottom ordeal, they still try to push their luck. If any young miscreants deserved punishment more then these boys certainly do!


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By Bruce

One thought on “Kiwi College 15 (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Very enjoyable. Some excellent underwear and bottom shots,
    Nice to see the slipper again on school boy bottoms. Do wish Marco would make the boys bend over properly but the rapid slipper strokes at the end was how it should be and was true school master technique.

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