Kiwi College 15

The punishment is not over, as the boys discover when the Housemaster produces his trusty spanking slippers!



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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Kiwi College 15 (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview”
  1. OH, WOWWWW!!! Donner und Blitzen! Und Fischfingers! This is totally spanktastic! Richard and Nathan just are such monkeys! Absolutely perfect in their roles as naughty schoolboys – good-looking with well proportioned, very laddish physiques – and both of them positively radiating attitude, which Marco as usual is only to ready to smack out of them! I have often thought, when watching this severe and expert spanker at work, what if my fairy godmother were to turn up and offer to grant me a wish? My reply would be unhesitant – it would be to swap my knee with Marco’s! Oh, what a lucky, LUCKY man!!!

    I have always adored Sting’s schoolboy spanking scenarios, particularly those set in Australia and South Africa, because that’s where even the big boys wear shorts as part of their uniform – so the shorts are quite authentic, although, dare I say it, Sting could achieve a greater degree of sexiness if they’d consider shortening the boys’ shorts by a good few inches? I only offer this as a suggestion because I’ve seen several tumblr and Facebook sites that show the big 6th Form lads at such schools in those countries wearing very brief shorts at 18, and with their pert bottoms and juicy thighs, they just look so INCREDIBLY caneable! However, I won’t complain because what I’m just thrilled to see is that Sting have taken the authenticity a degree further, carrying these scenarios into the modern age by allowing the boys to keep their own modern coloured boxer-briefs on as punishment underpants, instead of the white briefs they always seemed to have to wear before in school discipline scenarios. It’s a massive improvement to have abandoned the white boner-killers, though I realise they have their place and they are a turn-on for some Sting fans – they just don’t really do it for me. The lads here both have superbly smackable and cheeky bottoms and the short coloured underpants they’re both wearing complement them beautifully! Naughty Nathan’s briefs in particular, with those horizontal stripes, bring out the roundness of the lad’s bottom exquisitely! I’d love to go to work across the seat of them with one of my very whippy, supple senior canes – what a target those stripes would present!

    I love these two impudent young rascals! Cherubs stepped straight down to earth from Spankers’ Heaven! They’re just so gorgeous I could eat them (not of course, before having first laid the pair of them over my knee for the spanking of their young lives!)! I look forward to seeing a lot more of them and perhaps becoming more closely acquainted with the contents of their respective pants-drawers! A tour de force, this video, Sting! Keep it up (so to speak!!!)!

  2. Their hands should be on their heads no rubbing of their bare bottoms.In real life this is how schoolboys should be spanked.They did spank schoolboys bare bottom back in the day in the 1960s for real.Just a pity it is not like that nowadays.I suppose too many teen boys would have erections if they were spanked on the bare.But still some teen boys don’t get erections when bared for a spanking.

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