Kiwi College 16 – Back Home
Not all disciplinary action is carried out in college. Sometimes its dealt with at home, as in the case of two senior lads, played by Ryan Conway and Andy Easton.

First to face the bad news is Mark (Ryan Conway).

In the kitchen waiting for his to return from college is Marco, having received yet another letter outlining the boys unwarranted bad behavior whilst in class.




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This time he’s going to get a damn good spanking, pants down on his well rounded bare bottom.








After this he can expect a richly deserved caning. Lying face down on the table with his bare bottom raised high Ryan will certainly come to regret his foolishness and begin to pay attention in his studies.








By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Kiwi College 16 – Back Home (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Kiwi College 16 is another treat from Sting. Ryan Conway makes a welcome return and what a pleasure it is to see Andy Easton again being disciplined.
    Ryan is one of Stings more bigger boys and fits the part of a Kiwi Rugger player but is in no way out of place as a 6th form college boy. His bottom is truly made for both spanking and caning and is well dealt with by Marco. There are some excellent close quarter shots of the caning and are well worth watching.
    Now what can I say about Andy that I have not done before. He is in my opinion fast approaching the Robin category for whacking purposes but does not have Robins cheeky touches. Again in this production he takes a real stiff punishment and how I would love to spank his bottom!!
    Thanks to all concerned for this great download.

    1. Thanks Michael

      I am pleased you enjoyed this one so much, I agreee that all three actors did a great job, and in the case of Ryan and Andy, suffered for their art!!

  2. Absolutely great film! Horny lads too. Please, please do a bonus of the lads wanking after????????????????? Keep up the FANTASTIC work. P.S: My credit card is now maxed out after I purchased 9 films yesterday! HaHa.

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