Kiwi College 16 – Back Home

The Home Time discipline continues ….

Next to return is Ryan’s step brother Daniel (Andy Easton) he too has been playing a game of cat and mouse with his teachers and the college. He’s supposed to have been playing at a college soccer match, being one of the colleges leading players but instead he was bunking off. Time for him now to get a good wake up hiding!

First Marco will use his favourite boy training instrument, the riding quirt. Kneeling on the kitchen bench over the table.



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Daniel’s rounded and raised bare bottom is the perfect target.




Of course he too can expect a good long and hard spanking to follow! Game set and match!






By Bruce

One thought on “Kiwi College 16 – Back Home (Part 2 of 2) plus Video Preview”
  1. If more dads disciplined their sons in this fashion when they were naughty, we’d almost certainly get far less loutish behaviour around among young lads than we do. Mark and Daniel, so ably played by these two phenomenally cheeky young spankables, should feel very thankful for a father who cares enough about them to discipline them with such firm strictness, though I would understand if they did not feel particularly grateful for their sore, glowing-red bottoms! I was about to say that no boy likes it at the time, but then of course that would be grossly inaccurate, my own case not excepted LOL! How many times do we come across lads recounting their spanking experiences and admitting that they were sometimes naughty expressly in order to get a well-smacked bottom?! Talking about how hard their cocks got while they were bending over the knee et al, feeling the heavy hand of parental retribution (or belt, slipper, strap, cane etc.) over their underpants or the bare backside! I wonder if Mark and Ryan would tell a similar story of their experience of punishment at the severe and very practised hands of Marco?

    One thing I love about the modern Sting schoolboy scenarios is that, unlike in times past when all the boys wore white briefs for corporal punishment, the lads are now allowed to keep their own underpants on, which makes for a much more varied range of coloured underwear and also yields some interesting revelations of the contents of some of the boys’ pants-drawers, whetting your appetite to see what further boner-making delights they contain! In Ryan’s case the boxer-briefs he’s wearing are the perfect choice of spankingwear – a heavenly shade of royal-blue, patterned too with a gorgeous sheen and just exactly the right length to frame his bottom to utter perfection for being spanked! A true pair of youth’s briefs for a true youth’s punishment! I look forward to further revelations of the contents of a pants-drawer owed by a boy who looks as though he knows just what exactly to wear to enhance the smackableness of his incredibly pert, beautifully rounded bottom! If I might say so, too, it is a more realistic reflection of what we’d find under the modern teenage lad’s trousers (please refer to Van Spanking’s Constant, which holds that in any group of five boys, four at least will be wearing coloured underpants and only one will have on white boner-killers. It’s based on years of careful observation).

    If I might in all humility offer one suggestion that I hope will be seen as constructive? I’d love to see someone with the right tailoring skills take a few inches off those shorts and perhaps tighten them a little? I think that shorter shorts in combination with the boys’ coloured briefs would just be the cat’s ass! Only a suggestion, though…

    Young Andy surely got the heavy end of things with the belt and riding-whip over those thin nylon football shorts with no pants on underneath them! As summer approaches, I’m looking forward to Sting bringing out the PE shorts and sports shorts for the boys more often as they usually seem to when the weather warms up. Looking forward to seeing what the new set-up looks like too! As ever, Richard, Marco, Rob – thanks for all your hard work (‘hard’, I imagine, being the operative word!) and major thanks to those beautiful young lads, too, for everything they let themselves be put through for our delectation and delight!

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