Kiwi College Part 17

After many requests Sting has gone back to school. It coincides with that time of year perfectly too.

Part One of this film follows the fortunes of Corbyn (new sting Lad Adam Weller) He finds himself regretfully delivering a note of bad behaviour to his Housemaster.


The Housemaster (Marco) doesn’t respond well to recalcitrant youths trying to make a fool of themselves and those around them. Corbyn, for the first time, will be getting a sharp taste of discipline. It will mean the sports slipper!


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…and of course an over the knee spanking on his bare bottom. Not a good start to the academic year but certainly a big wake up call for this cocky boy!






Introducing Adam Weller as Corbyn

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Kiwi College 17 Part One”
  1. Sting’s modern-day scenarios are fantastic and I love them! There’s no doubt, however, that they bring a special magic to naughty schoolboy stories! And like Lee above so rightly points out, one of the ways I think they’ve truly got it right now is by letting the boys keep their own coloured underpants on, rather than giving them the old white boner-killers to be spanked in! This reflects reality, particularly if the setting is a school in South Africa, where I have it on very good authority that boys do not like wearing white underpants! And despite corporal punishment being illegal there, I have it on equally good authority that it goes on still in some boys’ schools.

    Anyway – Adam. WOW! This cheeky little rascal could easily become a big favourite with me! He’s SO cute and he looks so naughty! And that beautifully proportioned, well-rounded bottom! There’s a vulnerability about him in his school uniform and he wears his shorts with breath-taking smackableness, especially when he bends over to be disciplined (though I’d still like to see a good few inches trimmed off the legs)!! All that, and his black boxer-briefs that show he is a coloured-underpants-wearer, make him the perfect Sting spankable! I’m looking forward to seeing what other treasures hide in his pants-drawer!

    A great debut for young Adam, thrown in at the deep end for a classic school slippering! How I remember the slipper! The BURN! OW!!! I’ll hope to see him at some point in a pair of his coloured underpants being laid over the knee! Any chance of fixing that up, Sting?

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