On the Bench

The punishment continues …

After the spanking, the gym bench will come in very handy and they can both go over if for the belt.

Maybe being whacked together might generate some sense of team unity!


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Austin Cook plays the team junior


By Bruce

5 thoughts on “On The Bench (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. How pleasing we have a male/male spanking download featuring more than one model being disciplined.
    I find the solo scenes quite a disappointment unless they have Dear Robin or Andy Easton in them and when oh when will Sting give us a school or approved education film again? People like myself were prominent in purchasing this type of product which made Sting what they are today – now we seem to be disregarded.
    Any way enough of my rant I expect it will fall on deaf ears.
    .This latest feature has again that delightful young man Austin Cook in it and what a peach of a bottom he has. There are some great scenes of him being well spanked and strapped especially of him bending on the bench with his bottom well up showing it off to its full glory – it got me quite excited.
    Nice also to see Ross making a return to the Sting scene.

    1. Hi Michael

      I am pleased you enjoyed this video, Austin Cook is becoming a popular new addition to the Sting stable of actors, I also thought that Ross was well cast in this and brought an extra element to the story.

      You will be pleased to know that, following various requests, there are a number of school based videos scheduled for release shortly including a further performance by Austin and also at least two new actor, who I hope you will like. There will be a new Kiwi College, and two English school themes.

      Sting is aware the school stories are popular, and intend to continue making them when possible. It must be noted though that realistic settings and costumes for period stories can be costly.

      As I am sure people will have noticed, the male spanking market has recently become much more competitive, with multiple studios competing for a limited audience. In this environment, it is not possible for studios like Sting to spend as much on productions as might have been the case in the past, or as they would like to.

      However, as you are probably aware, Sting are moving into new studios, and when these are fully completed, they will have more space enabling them to be a bit more ambitious with storylines.

  2. Your comment just goes to show how different and demanding everyone can be (myself included) I prefer solo scenes personally and I would love to see more of Austin too (he looks interesting) but god forbid it be an “Approved Eduaction bore” – a school setting because that for me would be a disappointment can you see how I’m now talking from my personal enjoyments/preferences one can also get very ignorant to what they like and disregard other people’s interests I do it at times. I guess Sting have their work cut out because you want this… I want that… and somebody else probably wants something completely different.

    Anothee thing I don’t think your comments fall on deaf ears I just think that Sting can’t please everybody and that’s something I’ve learnt you just have to accept it and wait until something comes your way that you like l trust me!!

    Oh but I do agree that’s Robin solo scenes are something of pure excellence!

    Ps. The funny thing is that one of my favourite spanking scenes is from a school setting but the school setting is of absolute no interest to me but the action was so good that I used my imagination to overlook the theme at least.

    1. Hi LK, thanks for your contribution, as you say, it does show that people have very different tastes, and Sting does work to please as many as they can. Don’t worry though, Sting will carry on making non-school videos and solo scenes as well as school based stories Michael asked for. So hopefully there will be things for you to enjoy as well.

      1. When I first read the valuable and thoughtful comments above, I was irked by the dismissal of the school scene scenario and I had to step back for a moment and ponder the reason why. While I certainly like school scenes, I don’t prefer them above any other subgenre of spanking fiction. What I do like about them is the attire, which immediately and effortlessly establishes the very basic dom/sub roles and a reasonably logical milieu in which spanking still happens and boys can be punished together or in groups, which is always fun. I also love it when the schoolboys appear “al fresco” as in “Trials of Truancy” and are sent back to the school or sent home to their “stepdads.” These big-picture ideas have always clicked with me and always made for memorable and compulsively rewatchable Sting. The Catholic Brothers and Army Cadets also fall into this category. So we cannot dismiss these kinds of settings entirely. They’re the backbone of Sting’s oeuvre and serve as a historical placeholder in which spankos from many places and cultures across generations may stumble upon them and say, “Oh! I heard they were very strict back then and boys got their bottoms spanked! Tell me more!” By that logic, however, the setting may as well be Ancient Egypt. So while that is very important there are other things that have fallen by the wayside and actually do “bug” me (I love Sting). They’re much nit-pickier than the broad-brushstroke ideas listed above and the devil, as they say, is in the details. What annoys me nowadays is that the boys are punished immediately, in the same spot where they’re “caught,” and we don’t see them being told what to do, where/ to whom to report, what’s in store for them, etc., and then see the anticipation brewing. For straightforward domestic scenes, we don’t get to see them be sent to their room to change (whether or not they had school uniforms on) and wait for the “stepdad” to come and give them a belting over the edge of the bed (which, for me, is never boring). Sting used to include more of these details in the “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study” series as well as a few notable instances in the old “Punishment Books,” which as far as I’m concerned are like fine wine: old, yes, but better with age. Another big, wide, gaping hole is the language barrier. I know I’m a broken record at this point and Bruce, you’ve already done an admirable job (Yeoman’s work, in fact) corresponding with me about this via email, but I would urge Sting yet again to consider doing an M/M video a la Robin/Claudia (i.e. with subtitles) so that they boys can really protest/try to negotiate their way out of a spanking, which is just basic logic. There’s a “story” to every punishment with a beginning, middle, and end, whether or not that story has aspects of humiliation, or loud noise or stoic grunts, or smacking over the underwear for thirty extra seconds, or socks or no socks or socks halfway up or socks that get taken off in between rounds (I’m really tired of the sock debates), or whatever your pleasure may be. We can’t focus on these “personal taste” issues, we have to let Sting be the auteurs and make their movies, even if the movies take a bit longer to make or cost a bit more money. I have written Sting about a few triumphs this year and I’ve been very vocal — and hopefully specific — about the much improved technical aspects of filming and editing. Now it’s time to re-evaluate and perhaps re-incorporate some of the story ideas that made Sting successful in the first place. For I believe that’s what we’re all angling for deep down. (By the way — I liked this video very much but it would have been better with dialogue and subtitles!)

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