Kiwi College Dorm

The two unlucky senior have already received a good bare bottom Strapping, but their housemaster decides they need more than that.

If these lads behave like naughty boys, that is just how he will treat them.

Both will, of course, receive a bare bottom spanking, over the knee, in the same way the master might deal with a junior boy!


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Greg gets spanked first

While Paul has to suffer the anticipation of knowing he’s next










For these two the party’s over.

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Kiwi College Dorm introduces Alan Pekny, who I am sure readers will agree has what it takes to be a successful Sting Lad.

By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Kiwi College Dorm (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. LOL. Make up your mind, Bruce. How do you spell the new guy’s name? Is it “Allan” or “Alan”? Is his last name “Peckny” or “Pekny” or “Penky”?

    Either way, he is a major find. Handsome face, smooth, muscular body, masculine clean-cut image, and large, expressive eyes that can express surprise, confusion, dread, resignation or whatever emotion the scenario requires.

    I didn’t particularly like this video, but I loved Allan. Please give us more of this lad in the future (in the bottom role, of course).

    1. Hi Rasputin,
      Thanks for pointing out the error, which has now been corrected, although it may take some time for the site to update on all browsers. The handsome new Sting Lad’s name is Alan Pekny.

      I certainly agree with you regarding Alan’s many qualities and attributes.

  2. May I respectfully request that the handsome Alan Pekny pay a visit to the strict Ladies at Sting CFNM sometime very soon. He looks to be in urgent need of their attention

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