Kiwi College Dorm

The seniors at Kiwi College are usually pretty well behaved. They are meant to set an example to the younger crowd and lead the way….. meant to!!

Sometimes however that’s not always the case, as in two such lads who decided to have dorm party, down a couple of cold ones and play some loud music. All against the strict college rules of course but hey the Housemaster (James Holt) is out tonight isn’t he?


Well no, actually he’s not!!

The Housemasters’ annual meeting got postponed and he plus all the junior dorms now can hear the racket coming from the senior dorm. And he’s come to find out what the hell is going on. He enters the senior dorm to find two boys, Greig Gray (Ryan Conway) and Paul Oliver (new StingLad Alan Pekny) plus an overly turned up ghetto blaster.

The lads are in trouble and they know that means just one thing!

In the Housemaster’s mind the two have transgressed far too many times now and they both need reminding of what’s expected of them. He orders them to drop their pyjama bottoms and bend over.


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As a suitable punishment, seniors or not, they can both get a good hard strapping,










If these lads think their punishment is over, they can think again.

Because he’s not finished with them yet …..




The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube shortly


By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Kiwi College Dorm (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Alan Peckny is a handsome, muscular young man. I hope to see him in more interesting videos in the future.

  2. I agree with Rasputin that young Mr Penky is a very handsome fella, and I too look forward to seeing a lot more of him! However, unlike Rasputin I did find this an entertaining video, it is always enjoyable to see two handsome young men caught out being naughty when they thought the coast was clear. Alan Penkys wide eyed misery when they got caught and knew they were in for a spanking was hot. I also enjoy watching James Holt develop as a top, and Ryan Conway always gives quality.

  3. Allan’s magnificent posterior jutting out so temptingly in the 9th picture down makes me think of Nicholas in Chaucer’s Miller’s Tale and that great line from English literature. “And Nicholas is branded on the bum,: And God save all of us to Kingdom Come.”

    He’s a stunner (or “Stunna'” a the tabloids might say

  4. I like Ryan Conways shaved head makes him even more spankable! ALAN PEKNY has one of the SEXIEST bums Ive ever seen. April 2018 is turning out really hot stuff!

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