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Running the College football team has its ups and downs but the coach only has one thing in mind is the team a winning team? If its not then measures have to be taken to make sure it is. Discipline amongst the young players is essential and when that beaks down a tough line is always pursued. The players know it and can expect the worse if they step out of line.


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Settling matters by fighting is Jimmy Wright’s (Darren) answer to all problems on the field. This time he’s taken it too far and the Headmaster is involved. He was carded and an official complaint about Jimmy from the opposing team has brought shame on the college club.


He doesn’t want to lose his position on the team so the Head knows exactly what action to take. Jimmy’s going to get some good hard stinging swats, shorts down, bare bottom, with a wooden ferule.



This followed of course by a good spanking. Never mind he’s a big lad now it’ll be over the knee and over those still burning red ferule bands! 


A glowing red butt to match his red card!


The Second scene from

Another member of the squad equally as troublesome as Jimmy has been caught peeping at the girls in their changing rooms. This is completely unacceptable to the coach, his players are clean cut guys and he’s going to make sure it stays that way.

So young Chris Radcliffe (Kurt Maddox) is going to get a good hiding too. It starts with a leather strapping, laying face down on the low gym horse. He’s wearing a jock strap but that doesn’t stop the strap making its painful mark!


However, the coach orders that to be taken off and Chris goes back over for dose of the swishy rattan cane. The scorching stripes from this little stinger hurt like hell and he’s told to have a good think about what he’s done. 



He does and then earns himself a good stinging spanking for his very cheeky response! 





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2 thoughts on “Locker Room Spanking in “Sports Report 8””
  1. Fabulous!!! This one presses all the right buttons for me. LOVE the long blue sox with the naked thighs and butts! ..Totally LOVE Darren, he is exquisitely handsome with a remarkably luscious physique…there also a few other details about Darren that I find very exciting too!!!….Kurt is also hot and I absolutely LOVE the way he is positioned for his hiding….its sooo sexy!

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