A Spanking Cure for two naughty boys in

A Doctor Calls

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A Doctor Calls

Story and pictures:


Busy on his rounds the last thing the local doctor needs is for his valuable time to be wasted by naughty boys who want to take advantage of his good nature.


His first visit is to see James (Jirka Mendez) His mother called to say her son seems to be very under the weather and has not gone to College as usual. Actually James in not feeling bad at all and is shirking.


During the doctors visit James unfortunately gets tempted and tries to steal some money from his wallet. Of course he gets caught .


This boy is going to have to be dealt with! Some stronger medicine is needed.

Perhaps a good spanking on his bare bottom with be therapeutic.


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ADC (3)

James’s bottom may be a rosy red, but it could be redder, and it will be before the Doctor has finished his treatment



A few hard swats with the Doc’s ferule might just cure his kleptomania,





Certainly a vitamin shot after, straight in to that red punished bottom should restore his vitality, if nothing else!



ADC (14)a

James will not be sitting very comfortably in college for some time! Perhaps that will cure him!! 




in Part 2 two Young Terry (played by Robin Palmer) receives a visit from the doctor.


A Doctor Calls in 1080p Extra High Definition


A Doctor Calls in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

18 thoughts on “Spanking Prescriptions in “A Doctor Calls” (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Great! I love a good medical scene, there is something really hot about a doctor Spanking a naughty boy. I am sure others agree?

    Please can the doctor slipper Robin next time.

    1. Hell yeah! A Doctor spanking a boy is SO incredibly SEXY! I would LOVE to see more videos like this, with Doctors spanking their patients! Especially Doctors wearing tight latex gloves while spanking a bare ass! 😀

  2. This was really good like really enjoyable it was just amazing.

    I said it before Johan is getting so good at what he does pleasingly good. It’s so enjoyable seeing him give both these guys a good beating he sure did and I very much enjoyed watching this movie as there’s a lot to like. I’m not going to lie we have got quite accustomed to seeing most of the guys that get spanked be quite “stoic” in there response which I don’t mind because either way it’s gonna hurt whether they pretend it doesn’t or not and I would much rather a guy just act in his natural manner of response rather than force his actions but I must say that seeing a guy having trouble taking his spanking is hot, hot, hot. I always end up feeling sorry for Jirka as he really has a hard time taking it and it looked like those gloves added an extra Sting! 🐝 lol. Robin scene was the hottest for me, I love bed spanking there so hot and Robin’s usual cheeky smirking/grins head shaking what he does make it all that much better. I can’t really speak much about the medical part even though this is a medical scenario which I thought was interesting because I’m not really into that stuff myself but speaking in terms of discipline it was very hot and very enjoyable.

    The end part was funny AF. The way he threw that 🍭 HAHA!

    Ps. When are we going to see Johan give RAPID FIRE?

    – L

  3. I find Ferule VERY sexy….. I think Jirka is PIPING HOT eye candy…. And the doctor theme a very cool fantasy.

  4. I must agree I really enjoyed this scene and both boys were excellent and Johan as always does very good job. Definetly a video to buy.

    My only negative and I notice its been mentioned few times now is the bad sets. Sting really need to put some investment into their sets as they are very tired and stale now. That terrible steel bed I think has been around since 1992 and the bedroom set was well… maybe took three minutes to throw together? Ok now I dont say anymore but I think it could improve.

  5. One of the best! I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this. Let’s start with the scenario, Doctor dealing with a miscreant youth, either stealing from him, as in the case of James (Jerka Mendez) or trying to fake illness, as in the case of Terry (Robin Palmer), this is so exciting, and has so much fetish potential. We have all been that naughty boy, or known a boy like him.

    The second plus is the casting, Jerka Mendez is a really drop dead handsome guy, with a great butt and body, certainly not a twink, but also not too muscular and he acted the role perfectly, or was he acting? He looked like he was genuinely suffering to me. Then we have Robin, who has to be the cutest sting actor since Tigger with his cheeky faces and bottom, Robin is every Spanking fan’s fantasy naughty brat in need of a spanking.

    These two are perfect.

    The handsome Johan Volny is perfect as the angry doctor, as someone commented about him the other day he is getting better and better.

    I agree with the person over at Spanking tube who said that a rectal thermometer adds a wonderful additional humiliation to the process. I also liked the vitamin shots at (in) the end, which added an extra sting to the spanking. Surly these young rascals deserved a shot in both cheeks. It would have been extra sexy if the doc had jabbed them when they were over his knee.

    I know this is not Sting’s usual genre, which is usually more retro, but it made a great change and I hope Sting producer more like this, together with their great retro themes in the future. Perhaps next time the Doctor could use implements which are likely to be in a teenager’s room, a beach shoe or a table tennis bat, or maybe send the boy to the kitchen for a suitable implement.

    Well done! This was great!

  6. I enjoyed this too, but I am a bit of a kinky perv, so I enjoy the medical stuff, heehee!. It is great to see that Sting are experimenting with new ideas while still making sure the boys get their naughty bottoms well and truly roasted, which these two sure do

    I think that our friend Rasputin will enjoy Jirka Mendez’s performance which is very demonstrative.

  7. I loved Jirka Mendez’s performance. I love seeing a handsome, athletic guy grimacing, grunting, moaning, crying out in pain, squirming and kicking while he is being spanked OTK. Jirka actually looked like he was being hurt. A fine job. I look forward to seeing him in more Sting videos.

    As for suggestions, it would have been great if Jirka had been spanked on the seat of tight, skimpy briefs as well as on the bare buttocks. I am also in agreement with the “Coach”. I would have liked to have seen Johan Volny taking Jirka’s temperature rectally while he had the lad over his knee, and Johan giving Jirka a vitamin shot in BOTH buttock cheeks while Jirka was over the doctor’s knee. Please try to incorporate these suggestions into future videos.

    Still, this was a fine video. And please show us more of Jirka Mendez getting spanked OTK, both on his briefs and on his bare butt.

  8. I was looking at this video again tonight. I liked the way that the camera switched between Jirka’s grimacing, anguished face, his squirming torso, his smooth, red,squirming buttocks, and his kicking legs.. The camera angle caught Jirka’s buttocks in a position that appealed to me. Jirka’s whimpering and moaning nicely complemented the video footage. Well done

  9. Hello Sting I make comment but I not sure you receive it. Please tell me did you receive my comment. Thank you Weiner

    1. Hi As far as I can see we have only received one comment from you recently, we got one yesterday, which you will find further up this thread. If you have made one since then I am afraid we have not received it.


  10. Bruce, I have a question. What was the point of Johan Volny spanking Jirka Mendez with a gloved hand? Is the latex supposed to make the spanking sting more, or does it make the spanks sound louder, or what? It can’t be for hygienic reasons, as Johan later removed the glove and spanked Jirka with his bare hand. (He also spanked Robin with his bare hand.)

    1. I am not sure actually, I will ask the director. I would imagine it was to add an extra degree of humiliation to James’s (Jirka’s) well deserved punishment. Either way, both rubber gloved and bare handed, Johan made sure the spanking stung the naughty boy!

    2. I have spoken to Rich O’Shea and he tells me that the rubber glove was included just to add to the “medical” theme of the story. For the record, Jirka complained that the glove hurt more!

    3. Spanking with a tight latex gloved hand definitely makes the impact sting more! I know from experience! Plus, it makes sense. A rubber glove smooths over any indentations on the skin of a hand, which creates more flat surface area. With more surface area, the impact is stronger. The elasticity of a latex glove also helps. The material makes a difference. Spanking with a latex gloved hand feels different compared to any other type of glove.

  11. This one blew me away it was so good. Three of Sting’s hottest stars in the one video. Always love seeing Robin and Johan together, they make a great pairing, almost as good as Robin and Marco. However, the revelation in this one was Jirka Mendez, who must be one of the handsomest and hottest Sting lads in quite a while. I hope we will see more of this great looking guy.

    I also liked the Doctor / patient theme and the idea that the boys were spanked in their own bedrooms.

  12. This is one of my all time top favorite videos

    The second scene with Volny and Robin Palmer is a PERFECT spanking fantasy

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