Lost For Words

When an unruly lad (Spencer Lake) swears at a next door neighbour he gets himself in to real trouble!

Marco decides to deal with him if anything to teach him some manners.


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So for this overly cocky boy it’s going to be an stinging over the knee spanking

The painful spanking is followed by a switching which he definitely won’t forget!

Next time he meets up with one of the locals it’ll be a simple good morning Sir, otherwise he’ll be baring his bottom again for another painful session!

Spencer Lake is Lost For Words




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Lost For Words – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

9 thoughts on “Lost For Words”
  1. Good to see Spencer back and his amazing long legs! And with RIch making a welcome apperance I thought he might kick things off with giving Spencer a good spanking. But Marco does a good job and Spencer was put in several excellent positions which showed off those long legs to great advantage. A big plus was Spencer leaving his socks on thru the video – very hot.
    Small detail but would have liked to have seen Spencers underwear tighter. Some great visuals and the retrun of Stings trademark ‘last photo’.
    Have missed James Holt (on the givng and receiving end) hope hes back very soon hopefully with Finn (very soon)some great chemistery with those two.
    Bruce is Luke Geer making a return visit in the not too distant future? Always so hot!

    1. Hi Ethan
      Sorry for the delay in replying, I am afraid I don’t know when Luke Geer will be returning, he may be away at the moment (they have busy lives!!
      But I am sure he will be back soon

  2. Finally Spencer! Love his “clear cut boy’s” attitude, I think he needs a good “hiding” a little more often:-) Would love to see him spanked naked in front of another guy!

  3. Thanks Bruce for the update. Hopeful anyway. It would be great if Sting could feature Luke on a more regular basis however appreciate Sting is not his full time job ;-)….if only!

    1. Hi again Ethan

      It appears I have misled you, apparently Luke Geer was back in the studio last week, and his new video will be released shortly


  4. Hi Bruce
    Thats great news! One more thing ticked off on the Christmas list. Luke is amazing. Will definitely be looking out for that one.
    If Finn has another video out before Christmas then I can tick that off too. (Finn also amazing – running out of superlatives)
    Appreciate you getting back (and with good news) thanks so much.

  5. Wonderful! One of my favourite scenarios – a cheeky young lad laid over the knee in blue jeans for a good, old-fashioned spanking! Great underpants, Spencer! Horizontally striped boxer-briefs always bring out the roundness of a boy’s bottom so beautifully! And in your case, my lad, there’s plenty of pert roundness to bring out!

    Once again, I find myself strangely thrilled with the idea of keeping a cane in the home for the purpose of administering corporal punishment to keep a subordinate in order! In fact, one of my schoolmates’ dad had a cane that he used freely and severely on his sons – but with four lads in the house, discipline had to be strict, so I would never have argued with his methods!

    Thanks to young Spencer – drop-dead gorgeous lad that he is – and Marco for a super-hot clip!

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