Kiwi College 25

Kiwi College 25

Knocking on the Housemasters (Marco) door Collier (Michal Christan) has a letter detailing his repeated poor behaviour. Needless to say the college Housemaster has had enough, and it is time that Collier learnt a hard lesson to ensure that he behaves like the senior student that he is.

Ordered over the chair his punishment begins with a stinging caning starting on his shorts and finishing on his bare backside producing well deserved painful welts.


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But this lad needs a further lesson, and he is then ordered over the Housemasters knee for a damn good spanking on his already painful backside. This is a lesson he will remember for a long time, or he will be back again for another dose!



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7 comments on “Kiwi College 25

  1. Nicely built lad. His muscular backside fills out both sets of shorts well – the wardrobe department is to be commended! I also like his reactions to his punishment: he takes it bravely, but his sighs, clenching & head movements combine to show the experience is hurting – clutching his left buttock with his left hand while the right opens the door as he exits was a nice touch, more of that, please! As Alfred says, he welts up nicely (& good to see someone who doesn’t shave his backside, if that was also true of the front it would be perfect). As always, it would be good to see a little more of him before & after. Maybe a shot of him procrastinating before knocking on the study door, & a postscript where he takes a shower, massages some cream into his buttocks and/or tries out sitting on a hard seat would be welcome additions. Overall, though a great video, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Hope it won’t be as long an interval till his return. How did he find the experience? Hope he didn’t find it too bad & that it won’t be as long till his next disciplinary session.

  2. Brilliant video and amazing short trousers encasing a well-presented bottom.

    It would be great to get a similar movie with the addition of a traditional school cap on the miscreant’s head.

  3. Excellent video. Michal has the perfect build for the cane, not only firm ample butt, but also strong thighs. And the cane marks show up well. More caning of this guy please. Marco delivered one stroke low on the butt on the sitting area. He should do that more often – at least 4 strokes in that area. And I support Vince’s suggestions.

    Thanks, bring him back soon ( and tell how he felt afterwards).

  4. Maybe it’s just his clothing, but it seems to me that Michal’s buttocks & thighs are even more muscly than in his last outing in July, which is pretty impressive.

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