Marco Takes Charge

It’s Saturday but when Marco finds the team captain (Luke Geer) of the local youth team asleep on the sofa he’s none too pleased. If they lose the match he’s going to forfeit a bet he made that they’d win. Without this particular fit and skilled player that just isn’t going to happen! There’s still time though but he needs teaching a lesson! What better way to do that than a punishment Marco style.

The lad is going to get a good spanking.


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After the spanking he will be ordered to kneel on the sofa, backside protruding, ready for a dose of the ferule. This flat wooden stinger across those rounded muscular, freshly spanked, buttocks will put a spring in this lazy sports boy’s foot, just in time to win the game!




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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Marco Takes Charge”
  1. OW! WOW!! There is something uberspanky about a boy being disciplined in a football strip, especially when he is laid over the knee for it! Correct me if I’m wrong (as severely as you like, haha!) but I think the first cheeky young Stinglad we saw being punished in this strip was Robin Palmer – and as I recall, he wore it VERY spankably! Even without that all important rear-view, he was a real ‘spankable from the front’ in it! It does similar things for young Luke!

    It is good to see that Luke, like all his fellow Stinglads, is a coloured underpants-wearer and on this occasion he has selected the perfect item of spankingwear from his pants-drawer! Dark-hued, snug-fitting, and the optimum degree of shortness to frame his pert bottom for getting smacked! Also, they seem almost to be colour-co-ordinated with his strip – but I’m sure that’s just coincidence!

    One thing I’m finding a real boner-maker with recent Sting videos is the introduction of press-ups into the boys’ spankings! I have made them part of punishment routines with my naughty boys for a long time now. Please let’s see more of this very spanky innovation! Could I just make one small suggestion – that the lads might stick their bottoms up rather more as they raise themselves? Only a thought.

    I know the Stinglads get smacked very hard, but I would never have thought that slim ferule could inflict the damage it has on Luke’s bare bum! It almost seems to have achieved several layers of redness! Even with a good soothing dose of Savlon applied to those severely thrashed, smarting cheeks, I reckon there’d have been a young man sleeping on his tummy that night!

  2. I’m a huge fan of Luke Geer and he’s a great fit for Sting. Like the good Doctor I enjoyed Luke in the football strip and the choice of underwear, this is one of my favourite videos featuring Luke. The Sports themes are among my favourites.
    (Would be great to see Luke paired up with the gorgeous Finn Harper again too.)

    Bruce are they’re any plans to bring Luke back? Be great to see him featured again soon.

    1. Hi Ethan

      Luke Geer is a popular member of the Sting stable of actors, his most recent film “The Housemaster’s Study 13” was only released two weeks ago, and in all liklihood he will be appearing again soon.

  3. Hi Bruce thanks for the speedy reply. I’d forgotten how recently we had Housemasters Study 13 – which was a scorcher – great video. I’m obviously being overly indulgent with Luke, (and impatient, lol) but good news about the possibility of his return.
    As always thanks for the gracious and consistent way you administer the blog. Always enjoy checking out the new releases and comments.

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