Margusta Productions: Sore Bottom

Margusta Productions: Sore Bottom

In this next limited time video it is time for Darren to face the heavy unforgiving hands of Margusta with a hard spanking and sauna brush it is clearly visible that Margusta meant business. Available for a short time as a tribute to his life and work!


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Margusta Productions: Sore Bottom

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6 comments on “Margusta Productions: Sore Bottom

  1. I bought this video years ago. It’s very simple – handsome, athletic Darren strips naked and is fiercely hand-spanked and spanked with a brush. Darren was usually stoic in his response to a spanking, but in this video you could tell by his groans, grimaces, squirming over Margusta’s lap, and the beet-red blotches on his buttocks that he was in pain.

    Margusta was able to administer very painful spankings in a few minutes of time. He hand-spanked Darren for only 2.5 minutes, yet his buttocks were very red at the end. He used the sauna brush on Darren for only 1.5 minutes, but the boy’s buttocks were covered in fierce-red blotches by the time Margusta stopped. Margusta administered much more painful spankings than Rich or Rob or Marco or James Holt ever have.

    Bruce, my question to you is – how did Margusta do it?

    • Margusta delivered very hard spankings, the other tops could do similar (consider some of the canings Rich has handed out – such as to Brett in “St Datchett’s Epilogue” or Rick Palmer in “End of the Road”) However, only a limited number of Bottoms are able to take such hard spankings.

      If all the spankings were that hard, it would limit the number of actors prepared (or able) to work with Sting

  2. I too have the original download and have always been a great admirer of Darren.
    In his early Sting productions he was an athletic slim young man with a wonderful smooth bottom and great willy. Even then I took many a hard thrashing mainly from Rich with my favourite film being my Borstal Days when he was caned over the horse by Rich and made to the select the cane to be used. His bottom was superbly positioned and splendidly caned. Those productions still to me remain the real greatness of Sting.

  3. Yesterday I downloaded this legendary Margusta/Sting production. It was not available for many years until Rich recently made it available again. (Darren was a truly wonderful Sting model!)
    I also tried to download the first Margusta video, where Margusta spanks three Sting models and it has disappeared from the Sting website and JockSpank as well. Why is this?

    • I am afraid the Margusta tribute videos are only on offer for a limited period, as they are not STG Pictures content. The Three Villains is no longer available.

  4. Bruce, I watched “End of the Road” again. Yes, Rick Palmer received a very hard spanking from Rich. However, Rich used his hand and a cane on Rick, while Margusta used only his hand and a sauna brush to achieve even more severe results when he spanked Darren. A sauna brush is a milder implement than a cane. Margusta is the meaner top.

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