Merry Christmas to all friends and followers of Feel the Sting


Sting Christmas by Jeff W

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Feel the Sting”
  1. While at most Christmas dinner tables the rich succession of festive dishes more then satisfies the turkey-like-stuffed guests by the time they are challenged to pile up some dessert,
    a spankophile Sting-servings-suite starts off semi-savored with an almost irrelevant culinary ‘entree event’, which one sits trough almost bored and absent-minded, already imagining the sitting-comfort wearing out as it soon shall splendidly and sexily, sweet and sizzling spectacle,
    as only at ‘due deserts’ the real feast follows in the fine form of a festival of frockless-fannies-flogging-fun-features flailing the fearful fledlings in a festive frenzy of full-force-flagellation for feral flogger-fun, as each submissively-stripped spankee-stripling is passed around clockwise over every adult knee and each spanking implement counter-clockwise until each suffered every to each spanker’s satisfaction!

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