Naval Story Part 3

The training of first class Boy Seaman continues at T.S Morsus a land based Naval establishment charged with turning out Naval personnel for the future. Discipline of course is very important and the Chief Petty Officers in change of training make sure that the orders of the day are precisely carried out.



Getting put on a charge for rule violation is not the best way to build up a good report, essential for a lads on going career. 2435 Boy Seaman Wilson (Joey Whyte) has got himself put on a charge and is up before his training officer CPO Sharpe (Marco) Luckily for him he is given a choice of punishment. He opts sensibly for corporal punishment to keep his misdemeanour’s off the record.



Sent to shower first he must report back to receive his comeuppance. Tough boy sailor or not he’ll be given a cheeky young brats stinging over the knee spanking. Something a much younger lad might expect but it’ll certainly take him down a peg or two. 







Facing the wall after, his rounded bare bottom red, scolded and raw Wilson is now get a dose of the CPOs leather strap.





Made from an old thick WW1 leather naval belt this burning punisher will set the boy on the right course









Sitting on a mess deck bench at supper might be uncomfortable but he’ll still have a well walloped and throbbing stern to show his mates before lights out! 



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