Young and handsome Jay feels a sting in the tail (multiple stings in fact) in the infamous nettle birching scene from Instruments of Persuasion 2 by Sting Pictures.

While Instruments of Persuasion Part 1 examined the the more usual instruments used to inflict corporal punishment, Instruments of Persuasion 2 looked at some of the imaginative and less common means of delivering a painful lesson to the bottom of a miscreant young man.

In this instance the natural and painful sting of the wild nettle was put to good use on young Jay’s tender and bare behind. I have it on good authority that Jay’s bottom was still stinging many hours after this scene was shot.

Nettle birchings were apparently common in France where this scene was set



3 thoughts on “Nettle birching scene from Instruments of persusaion”
  1. Ferocious French
    discipline with determination.
    oui, oui, oui, oui, oui, oui
    what a very sore French fanny!

  2. This is one of my all time fav scenes ever. It combines erotic and sadistic with cute and funny, so it appeals on so many levels

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