To cater for Sting’s large number of American customers they are again returning to a US theme. The paddle as a punishment still exists in some intuitions in the USA and certainly in one or more military schools. No Stars Just Red Stripes hasn’t been given a particular time frame but is set in a typical US College.

 Brooster (Daniel Friesh) arrives to the gym store where an unhappy Principal is waiting for him Brooster’s school report is well below average and to avoid his parents being informed the Principal offers Brooster a more traditional for of punishment. 


 With his pants down Brooster feels the firm smacks from the principals best hand and the heat is turned on. This is clearly not enough so off come the undergarments and a further good dose of spanking prevails.




Red and ready Brooster is told to remove his shirt so he can be placed over the gym horse as the principal retrieves the trusty Paddle. 





 Then message is soon sent home as the cracking sound and the searing pain in Brooster’s Butt cheeks gain a full and even red hot colour! 




As he stands up against the wall naked (bar his socks) he is left to contemplate the terrible report


 Next up is the young red headed Devon (Elijah Young) before the Principal for his repeated bad behaviour in class. This has obviously affected his exam results and followingthe threat of a call to his dad Devon accepts an old fashioned form of discipline.
 Pants off Devon is lifted up over the principals knee and a good firm spanking begins on his tight white underwear. Not satisfied they are soon off and on the floor as the spanking is resumed on an already reddened butt!




 Made to bend over the Principal retrieves the trust Rice Spoon a particularly effective and stinging instrument which Devon soon realises the full power as the cracking sound fills the room and his butt with burning pain.






Even after returning to the classroom he can still feel those red stripes!




By Bruce

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