SWIM TEAM 2Once again we pay a visit to some lads of the local swim team. Honing their aquatic skills is an important part of training.
 However two members Casey (Phil Stone) and Simon (James Holt) decided they would rather cheat at improving their physique by taking illegal substances known as steroids! This is not only stupid but incredibly dangerous to your health. Unfortunately its the manager and his coach who discover the crime when the said substance is found in a locker.

Furious  that they should be stupid  he offers them a choice that does not involve them being thrown from the team which they both accept and orders the coach Mr Harding (Travis Mckennon)  to deal with the pair. No one need find out but they must be punished as a warning against any future ideas.
 The coach wastes no time at all  and very quickly the stinging slaps rain down on the boys wet costumes enhancing the sting before being taken down for more scorching smacks on their quickly reddening damp butt cheeks..
















Still not satisfied Mr Harding ​orders them over a bench and retrieves an old leather belt from a locker before finishing the boys punishment with a good dose of thwacks.









The boys can’t wait to get back in the water, not just to practice but to cool off their now raw and burning backsides!



By Bruce

3 thoughts on “The Swim Team 2”
  1. Mmmm travis makes a very sexy master, divine body and the expressions on his face when he’s spanking are amazing. One can see he takes pleasure in walloping naughty boys. He’s very luscious.

    1. Hi Gareth

      Thanks for the comment, glad you like the colour scheme, with, and without the trunks!!


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