No Stars Just Stripes 8

The seniors are getting out of hand again. However, the Deputy Principle is on the prowl, and he knows just how to deal with them.

Two such students, who should be in class, are elsewhere and breaking the college rules. Little do they know it but their time is up!

Ethan Richards (Paul Wolfe) often leads his friends astray. The Deputy Principle is getting to be quite aware of this. This time he’s out with Kevin Johnson (Robin Palmer) taking a quick smoke in the corridor. Making a break for it on hearing the approaching teacher they try to hide.

However, they are finally corralled in the rest room. Sent now to the Deputy Principles office, it doesn’t look good for this hapless pair.

Time to be taught a lesson and nobody needs it more than these two. First up will be a paddling, the old persuader with the holes cut in being the favourite of the Deputy principle.

These brats deserve more though, so after both are told to strip before going over the knee, bare butt, for a good spanking.

No punishment from the Deputy would be complete unless that wicked old wooden paddle is not brought down hard on their recently well spanked bare backsides. The stinging crack on their bare butts is a fitting completion.


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By Bruce

One thought on “No Stars Just Stripes 8”
  1. Excellent film – love the actors – love the paddle!!! – its a shame you didn’t paddle long enough or on the seat of their underwear. Why no paddling on their briefs? Why no spanking on their briefs?

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