An Act Of Retribution

Part 2

Brother Marco continues to deal with the students in his care with a firm hand and strict discipline

A second young man, Simon O’Malley (new StingLad Tomas Solek) a senior now at the school has been defacing educational material.

Making paper aeroplanes out of the sacred pages is more than enough to bring this sinner the retribution he deserves.

Brother Marco needs to make sure his penance is well remembered, and he know exactly where it will have the most effect!


Simon too, even though a big lad, will be taking a good spanking.


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Ordered to strip fully

The spanking continues on his bare bottom, to add to his humiliation

The fiery bands across his bare bottom from the Brother’s leather strap will also follow for sure!!


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Title 2257

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “An Act of Retribution (Part 2 of 2)”
  1. Tomas also has very sexy body language …. love the way he sits ,stands , and walks…would also like to see him in very tight short shorts

  2. Bruce, I think you knew that Tomas Solek was an excellent model – big, strong, handsome, muscular – in other words, a “hunk”. He looked great in those tight, skimpy bikini briefs. He was also a good actor – lots of grimacing, grunting, squirming, etc while he was being spanked. Why didn’t you use him in other videos?

    If by any chance there is another Sting video in which Tomas appeared, please let us know.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      Tomas is a hunk, I know Sting were very keen to shoot with him again. However, unsurprisingly, one of the big studios signed him up with an exclusive contract, so he wasn’t available at that time. That was some time ago, and the situation may be different now. I will check if he is available now (and if he still looks the same – that sort of body requires regular maintenance!)


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