No Time For Games

Mark (Tom Malone) is a lazy boy and his housemate Ryan is fed up with him. All he wants to do is play video games and lounge around! Nothing new there then. However there comes a point when enough is enough and Ryan decides to teach him a good lesson.

That lesson will be a painful one.


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First a darn good spanking right down to his pale sensitive bare bottom.

Then to finish, well there is always something handy in the kitchen draw. Something wooden and flat that sting like billyo when it cracks down on a lazy lads bare butt!


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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “No Time For Games”
  1. Tom is such a cutie. Surprisingly, this release offers a new meaning to the description “over the edge of the sofa.”

  2. Wow that sofa position is hot a full bloom of BALLS. 😁 I’d love to see this position with Finn 😉 please.

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