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The Sixth Formers – Sounds Painful

Mick Radley (Joey Whyte) is a prefect at Coombe Hall College. He takes his place with the sixth formers at the rear of the hall during morning assembly every day. However, today is a bit different. Encouraged by the head boy and others, young Radley is expected to make duck noises to win a bet. It all backfires through and he finds himself outside the Headmaster’s office.

Determined to put an end to the bad examples being set by his senior boys, the Headmaster decides on an exemplary punishment. Radley will receive a good stinging caning from the Head’s supple and well used cane stock.

By the time the boys pants come down the burning stripes are plain to see.


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Touching his toes, the final set inflicted to the bare bottom bite like an angry wasp but now later he’s got to face his own Housemaster!

That evening Housemaster Mr Sharpe is annoyed to find it’s his senior prefect who caused the disturbance in assembly. He is of the view that if a sixth former wants to act like a 2nd former then he’ll deal with him as one! Radley, dressed in pyjamas, finds himself taken over the Housemasters knee and a sound scorching spanking is given on his already very sore caned bare bottom.


Lying there later, his cheeks glowing red, he’s now wondering if the Head boy will be facing the same thing.

It was in fact Mark Harfield, the head boy (Adam Ashton) who put him up to it. He now stands in the Headmaster’s office getting a final dressing down before punishment is administered. The Headmaster is underwhelmed by his performance and antics this term and assisted by Mr Sharpe Harfield will receive a severe dose of the cane and strokes of the college birch. The crimes have added up and positive disciplinary action must surely follow. This is the Head Boy after all, an example must be set.

The caning is hard and uncompromising. The well-oiled rattan canes, both junior and senior, swish home leaving stripe after burning stripe on the strapping lads bare bottom. By the time the birch cuts down the boy is really feeling it, the biting tips of its soaked twigs finding their mark on Harfield’s dangerously exposed bare buttocks.

This is bad enough but it is Mr Sharpe’s hard after punishment spanking that really brings the previous disciplinary session back to life again. For Harfield there really is nowhere to run! Quacking noises, Sounds Painful, yes they were!



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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Sting Special Price Spanking Classic-“The Sixth Formers – Sounds Painful””
  1. I highly recommend especially the scene with Joey getting spanked OTK on the bed it’s very SEXY and one scene I watch regularly. I love when Joey throws his hand back to stop the spanking and the aftermath on Joey rubbing his bottom laying on the bed is the icing on the cake! 👌🏻

  2. I agree with Luke as far as Joey Whyte is concerned. He did a pretty good job in this video.
    However, Adam Ashton’s performance was WAY too subdued for my taste.

  3. Joey looks so young! There has been talk of a Joey compilation video – it would be wonderful. He is one of the all-time great Sting lads.

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