Office Agony You’re Fired

After arriving home David (Joshua Clark) was met by his step uncle (Marco) who had just received a phone call saying that he had lost his job..

Fed up with his bad attitude and laziness David is sent to his room to wait. And he doesn’t have to wait for long as Marco arrives with an eager switch.

Bending over the message quickly arrives on the seat of his trousers with each crack and swish.



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Still not convinced that he has learnt a lesson David is ordered to remove his trousers and a stinging spanking begins firstly on his tight fitting underwear then on his bare bottom until its hot and painful. This should ensure that he pulls his weight in the future.













By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Office Agony – You’re Fired”
  1. Loved this film! And Joshua Clark! Only regret it was so short and the switching was not nearly harsh enough. I also wished he had to have gotten up the nerve to tell him father/uncle that he got fired. Love more mature actors getting their just punishment. It adds a wonderful humiliation aspect to the film. Also love seeing a guy in a full business suit bending over for the paddle or cane. Those types of films are far too rare. A very very stupid question – but I have to ask – why no tie and no belt? With a young man coming home from the work place, so wonderfully & meticulously dressed, I was quite surprised (and disappointed) by that. PS loved the purple underpants. A wonderful film, and fantastic actors, as always.

  2. I had not noticed Joshua Clark much in the past. Now that I have seen his performance in “Office Agony” I am searching the Sting archives for more of his videos.

    Joshua did a very good job in this video. His body looked great in those tight purple briefs and in the bare-bum OTK spankings. He is a good actor too – lots of grimacing, groaning, and squirming. Also, I liked the long OTK spanking scenes. I wish those scenes could have been even longer.

    I didn’t care much for Joshua being punished while wearing the suit. I would have preferred that Marco had ordered him out of his suit coat, dress shoes, socks, and dress trousers as soon as he got home and spanked him OTK in his tight briefs and on his bare ass. That way the OTK scenes could have been even longer.

  3. agree the suit aspect really did it for me, great fan of a young hunky business type having to drop his suit trousers for a spanking. ps loved the purple pants

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