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Office Agony – You’re Fired

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Title 2257

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Video Preview for Office Agony – You’re Fired”
  1. Nice to see Joshua making a return to Sting. He has a beautiful smooth bottom and body – a pity about the tattoos but each to his own.
    There are some delightful shoots of him being spanked over his tight fitting blue briefs and of course bare bottom. Would have liked to have seen the switch administered over his bare bottom but when we do see his bottom in this state the switching had been well executed by Marco.
    Joshua since his last appearances seems to have grown but is still an asset in the Sting group of models.

  2. I have always liked the idea of this story-line where a lad gets spanked for getting fired from work by dad/uncle etc.. and more so to see the guy spanked in a suit (preferably a tight fitting suit with a pair of really tight trousers that all the lads seem to wear nowadays) although I normally don’t like spanking over trousers I would make an exception for a suit combo only because we see so little of it in spanking clips. I think seeing a good suit spanking would be very erotic as the guys are normally dressed in their everyday wear but with a story like this where the lad would be working in an office environment etc.. this is the perfect story to include a suit. I wish it had all been done OTK however this is an interesting clip and of course I really enjoy the modern home setting its so great to see modern domestic scenes especially in today’s world where no one gives a f**k about anything or anyone.

    Who’s getting fired next….. Lets hope some other lads brush of there suit/s for a spanking!!



  3. One more thing about Joshua Clark. I am a bit turned off by the extensive tattoos on his arms. However, he’s a good-looking guy with a lean, athletic physique and is a good actor. For these reasons I like his performance in this video in spite of his tattoos. He also gave a good performance in “CFNM – Consequences”.

    I also recommend “Naval Story 4” and “No Stars Just Stripes 7” because of the excellent performances by both Joshua Clark and Alex Bell. In addition to being handsome, clean-cut and athletic, Alex’s tattoos are fairly minimal. Alex is also about as good an actor as Joshua. Both guys convince this viewer that they are being hurt and humiliated by their punishments.

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