Oh Brother – The Movie. This Sting mega movie follows the trials and tribulations of two lads sentenced to re training at an industrial school.

Brendan McCarthy (Damien Drake) and Jimmy McGuire (Pavel Novy) are sent to Innesfial institution which is run by a sect of strict religious Brothers. In their time there they encounter other boys sent inside for various criminal offences but all of whom now face the severe discipline dished out by the staff.

One such lad is Leroy Malone (Jay faith) who never seems to turn up to morning assembly on time. This has not gone unnoticed by Brother Matthias who takes a strap to the hapless boy’s bare backside.

 Sean Riley (Darren) another inmate steals some of the sacrificial wine and ends up being chastised in time honoured fashion by Bother Lonigan (Dexter) a spanking then a dose of the heavy black leather strap lashing down across the boys raised bare bottom as he lays face down on a bunk. Even then it’s not over as Brother Lonigan has other wishes he needs fulfilled.


Later however he too will face severe monastic discipline for breaking his vows. Brother Jacob (Mike Cross) is a stickler for keeping order but also finds himself on the wrong end of the Principle Brothers strap for not adhering to the compulsory pious way of living.


Casey MacDermott (Aaron Alton) is in trouble with Brother James (Luke Radley) for drinking alcohol and soon finds himself over the youthful Brothers knee getting his smooth white little butt spanked red raw. But as with Brother Lonigan a spanking is often not enough!


At 1 hour and 17 minutes long, the action in Oh brother is really too vast to list here but the rattan cane, strap, bath brush and spanking are just part of the butt blistering storyline not to mention the strict approach of the Brother towards their charges. Other members of the cast include, Brandon Junior, new Sting lad Daniel Friesh, Marco, Jimmy Evans and the brothers themselves.



Brother Jacob (Mike Cross)  also gets a well overdue comeuppance

In true Sting Pictures style the attention to setting, detail and costumes are superb.

A Richard O’Shea film


By Bruce

11 thoughts on “Oh Brother The Movie”
  1. I usually don’t like added sex in spanking movies, but this time it works, largely because the tops are the only ones getting any pleasure.

    If you haven’t bought this movie, do so, it is worth every penny.

  2. Your production standards and attention to set detail remain as high as ever. However, this new production was not quite as satisfying as I had hoped.

    This film featured four of my favorite models being spanked – Darren, Mike Cross, Dexter and Damien Drake. However, I was slightly disappointed that Luke Radley – another one of my favorite models – appeared in the film, but was not spanked himself. Oh well, a minor quibble.

    What was more disappointing about this film was that so many of the spankings, canings, etc. didn’t seem very hard. Perhaps you guys can amplify the sound of impact and have the models react in a slightly less stoic manner in future videos – that would make the punishments seem a little more painful without actually hurting the models.

    I really like seeing the models being spanked, caned, paddled, etc. on the seats of their tight, skimpy briefs for a long while, and then having the disciplinarian pull down the lad’s briefs for some bare-bottomed discipline. (The kind of briefs that Luke Radley wears while being spanked in “Tales from the Headmaster’s Study, Episode 4 – Forrester’s Affair” are ideal in my opinion.) There wasn’t quite enough of that kind of spanking in this video for my taste.

    In summary, a good but not great film. I hope you incorporate some of my suggestions into future videos. I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Good Morning Rasputin

    Thanks for your comments, I thought most of the canings and beltings were quite hard, the likes of Marco, Darren, Dexter and now Damien Drake are quite resilient. However, you views and recommendation has been noted

    I think you will be pleased to know that Luke Radley will be receiving a sound spanking in Sting’s next production, which should be out by the end of the week.

    1. Dear Bruce,

      Thanks for the heads-up on Luke Radley. I’ll be looking forward to it.

      I’m not sure what you meant by your statement that “the likes of Marco, Darren, Dexter and now Damien Drake are quite resilient”? Could you clarify or rephrase it?

    2. Hi Rasputin

      Sorry I wasn’t clear, what I meant was that those actors can take quite a lot of punishment so they do tend to be hit quite hard. They are rather stoic, as you say, and rather reluctant to appear less so, as they consider in “unmanly”

      Luke is not so good at being stoic, he doesn’t like being spanked and tends to react more.

    3. Hello again, Bruce.

      I’m glad that Luke, in addition to being handsome and muscular and masculine, is not so good at being stoic. I’m looking forward to his next video.

      By the way, let me give me some more feedback on “Oh Brother”. I refer you to the scene where Darren is being spanked by Dexter. That was one of the best parts of the film. If Darren had been wearing tight, skimpy briefs instead of those boxer shorts he was wearing, and he had been spanked on the seat of his briefs for a long time before they were pulled down for a long bare-butt spanking, then that scene would have been truly excellent. Darren’s reaction to his punishment was fine.

      I hope that last comment is helpful.

    4. Thanks for the latest comment Rasputin, yes, it was helpful.

      I must say I thought the scene between Darren and Dexter was very erotic.

      I know a lot of people like tight white briefs, and you will certainly be seeing more of them in future downloads.

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